Day 4 – A Renaissance Treat

This cow is ... different

Day four’s adventure is –┬áTHE RENAISSANCE FAIRE! Before jumping in my Hunny’s little truck to head to Illinois, I made headpieces for myself, Laura and Suzy. You know. So we’d fit in at the Ren Faire. I totally forgot to make headpieces for Fred and Bessie. What was I thinking? We picked up Suzy at … Read more

Road Trip, Part Deux

Wild ducks like treats, too

Day two of our road trip, Fred, Bessie and myself, saw us driving straight up through the state of Illinois. I wanted to photograph the fields of corn – that’s a lie. Illinois is not a pretty state, and the corn fields are not appealing. So let’s skip to the good stuff. My friend, Wendy, … Read more


Flea's Wonder Dog, Flash, can't get over not having treats

Jones Natural Chews introduces you to a new world of dog chews and treats! We’re an all-natural product, made in the USA. In fact, our chews are all produced on-site in our Illinois facility in Rockford! Jones Natural Chews are proudly sold in all fifty states. Your dog can’t help but love our beef, lamb, … Read more

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