Harness Review, Part One

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope this day is treating you well? My Hunny left town well before the sun was up this morning and I won’t see him again for awhile, but it’s an exciting training venture for him, so Happy Valentine’s Day to my Hunny! Wherever he is. 😉 I’m doing a harness review … Read more

A Day with Dog Friends (and Treats!)

Toby dog

Dog friends are the best friends. Right? So last week, when I had a day with dog friends, I had a great day! I think one of the things I’m appreciating more and more about dog blogging is the opportunity to interact with dogs ALL THE TIME. I’m much more bold, now, about walking up … Read more


Sleeping dog

TGIF!! Thank God it’s Friday! This is the kind of Friday we’re having here: It’s dreary, grey, threatening rain. I’m wishing it would snow, but that’s just not going to happen this year. I’m insanely jealous of my poor friends in New England who are getting hammered with snow. And I’m praying for their safety. … Read more

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