Weekend Plans

Patches only like to wade in the shallows

What are your weekend plans? Do they include man’s best friend? Should they? I’m always curious to know where other people take their dogs. Whether or not others include their dogs in outings. Ours come with us when we go dog-friendly places. Like to the Illinois River for the day. They’ve been camping with us … Read more

Wordless Wednesday, Agility

Border Collie Tube

Today’s Wordless Wednesday, Agility is brought to you by the letter H, for Headache. We will discuss rescue dogs and where YOU can go to adopt them tomorrow. For now? I’m loving the Wordless Wednesday cheat. Did I say cheat? I meant treat! Treat! As in Sit! Stay! Here’s a treat!¬†Until tomorrow, here are some … Read more

Monday Mischief, Jimmy Style

Chicken in bow tie pasta - NOT

Monday Mischief, Jimmy Style, huh? I can hear you asking yourself, “Who is Jimmy and why should I care about his style? What does this have to do with Monday Mischief, anyway?!” Y’all don’t know the half of Jimmy and his style. A couple of months ago a friend suggested I make a bow tie … Read more

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