The Jumbo Bone, Revisited

Jumbo Bone

I realized, this morning, that the Jumbo Bone, one of Jones’ two featured bones this month, has been given very little attention. Poor little Jumbo Bone. Y’all, have you seen this bone? It’s a monster. I want to make sure you know all about the Jumbo Bone if you have a large dog or an … Read more

Spring Break is Over Already?!?

Old Aussie

Is spring break over already? Spring isn’t even here yet!! I spent ALL DAY yesterday reading dog blogs, and I saw a recurring theme – spring is here, but it ain’t here. Tons of mad people and happy dogs. Happy dogs? Why sure! Between the fun snow to play in, and the way pawsome mud … Read more

Sniffing Butts Over the Weekend

Mom and pup

Is that an offensive title? Sniffing butts over the weekend? Because maybe I didn’t actually sniff any dogs’ rear ends, but I met a whole lot of super cute dogs this weekend. They all sniffed the back of my hand before I scratched them. Ultimately they wiggle around till I’m scratching their butts. Does that … Read more

Big Dog Taste – Big Paw Jerky

Weimaraner eating a JNC Jerky

Why would a dog owner want to find and buy Jones Natural Chews jerky for their dog? Why not just buy dog jerky from the grocery store? I ask myself these questions on Tuesdays. I spent some time researching dog jerky this morning. Do you know what I found? Scary things. All involving chicken jerky … Read more

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