Dog Treat Recipe Using a JNC Chew

The Fur Flies For Treats

Dog treat recipe using Jones Natural Chews? SHUT. UP. Who ever thought of such a thing? Clearly, this person is a freakin’ GENIUS. I mean, my dogs already fight over Windees and pig ears. Just yesterday I accidentally dropped the last pig ear and you’d have thought WWII was happening in my kitchen, the way … Read more

Busy Days & Socialization

Relaxed Dog

Tuesdays are busy days here at Casa de Pulga. ¬†We all have busy days. And if we’re honest with ourselves, I’m pretty sure we have days when we waste too much time. Can I get an amen? Mine usually involve reading one novel after another. *sigh* My favorite days, which are both busy and relaxing, … Read more

Mischief Brewing in the Gulf of Mexico

To better days

Monday’s Mischief is not a fun post today. There’s mischief brewing in the Gulf of Mexico today that has little to do with dogs and a lot to do with everyone along the gulf coast. However, I think we need to talk about the havoc hurricanes wreak for families with pets. Hurricane Isaac, so far, … Read more

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