Funny Bone Monday, 20

Wash the dog

I don’t even know how to introduce this week’s Funny Bone Monday. The first video has already rendered me speechless. Let’s launch into dogs and toys. Yeah. I have a plastic cow which does this with Nerds candy. Meaning I eat the candy once it poops it out. Oh, and it moos. Maybe you’ll get … Read moreFunny Bone Monday, 20

BlogPaws – HELP!!!

Boy with a duck

Hey! BlogPaws is looming on the horizon! I know I asked y’all, a week or two ago, who would be attending. Now I’m looking for BlogPaws attendees who are local to northern Virginia or the metropolitan DC area. I need a favor. And I can’t tell you what it is. I know, right? How very … Read moreBlogPaws – HELP!!!

A Night of Disaster

Night of disaster preceded by day of chicken

I didn’t hear about the fertilizer plant in West, Texas until the sirens woke me near midnight. Actually, my teenagers woke me near midnight to tell me that the sirens were going off. Then the dog, who was asleep on my bed (Hunny is out of town), let me know that there was bad weather … Read moreA Night of Disaster

The Collie, Our Breed of the Week

Tri-colored Collie at the AKC National Agility Championship in Tulsa

Is there any more elegant, beautiful, graceful dog than the Collie? Lassie, famous dog of silver screen, was a Collie, after all. But did you know that not all Collies have that long, flowing mane of fur? While at the AKC National Agility Championships here in Tulsa last month, I met several sleek coat Collies. … Read moreThe Collie, Our Breed of the Week

Funny Bone Monday, 19

Terrier Jack

Just another Funny Bone Monday. I’m hoping that today doesn’t pack the same punch that last Monday did, as fun as that was. The chicken has finally moved out of my bathroom (Bon Bon is doing well), and I’d like to keep my house to myself and its residents, thankyouverymuch. Anywho, this being spring and … Read moreFunny Bone Monday, 19

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