Thank God It’s Friday, and Contest Winner

So Patient

TGIF! Can we all say thank God it’s Friday?! I have a big batch of catch up for today. I love you guys and am enjoying getting to know dog bloggers. I thought I’d return the favor with a glimpse of my week, dogs and otherwise. Here’s a part of my story. My oldest child, … Read more

The Australian Shepherd – My First Love

Tuckered Out

I can’t help it, y’all. The Australian shepherd is a remarkable dog. I’m in love. Over the moon. Head over heels. Who wouldn’t be? Look at this face: This is Bella, as some of y’all know. I have a good friend who fosters a special needs child and I’m the designated babysitter, since I went … Read more

Cute Dog and Kid Videos

Mustaches all around

Y’all, we certainly do have some cute dog and kid videos today. This first one is SO dog. What a tenacious hound! At least he retrieves lost gloves, eh? What kind of dog is he? He reminds me a little of Blueberry. This next? The baby’s laugh makes me nearly wet myself laughing. Though I … Read more

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