Giveaway AGAIN?!?

Vigilant Aussie

It’s This n That Thursday (thanks to 2 Brown Dawgs), and I’ve decided to have ANOTHER giveaway! I know, I know – the deadline for the treat giveaway is tonight, so it’s not over yet (click over if you haven’t yet entered!). I thought a little lagniappe would be nice, though. What’s lagniappe? It’s a … Read moreGiveaway AGAIN?!?

The Tibetan Terrier – Really a Terrier?

Handsome dog

My mom’s good friend, Nancy, has been walking little Honey while my mom recovers from knee replacement surgery. Nancy has little Sadie, from yesterday’s post (if you haven’t commented on yesterday’s post for a chance at a yummy treat, what are you waiting for?!?), a Papillon/King Charles mix. But her OTHER dog – well. I’d … Read moreThe Tibetan Terrier – Really a Terrier?

JNC Giveaway! Pumpers and Sausage Sticks

Papillon mix

It’s the first Tuesday of the month and that means a GIVEAWAY! Let’s review: Leave a comment for the chance to snag a chew of your choice, from two Deadline is Thursday at midnight All chews from Jones Natural Chews are 100% all natural and 100% made and grown in the USA   Every month … Read moreJNC Giveaway! Pumpers and Sausage Sticks

Funny Bone Monday, 26

Snuggle time with Ryan Gosling

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s topic? Dogs and water! It’s the first week of June and it’s time to swim! And get baths! Woohoo! Let’s start with the bath, since so many dogs LOOOOVE getting a bath. Not. Loves the bath as much as my dogs do, except mine get their baths on the back … Read moreFunny Bone Monday, 26

Giveaways and Mentions Galore


BlogPaws was a big deal I’m still reading about people who are recovering from it, nearly two weeks out. That would include yours truly. For today’s This n That Thursday, I thought it would be fun to holler at the peeps who are hosting giveaways of Jones Natural Chews as a result of BlogPaws. If … Read moreGiveaways and Mentions Galore

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