Making Dogs Smile

Talking Aussie

Every month I review two of Jones Natural Chews treats. It’s one of the most fun parts of my job, driving around town, treating my friends’ dogs, taking pictures with my little phone. I love it! I love making dogs smile. And every month I send Suzy an email asking to be sent the treats … Read more

Funny Bone Monday, 21


Good Monday to you all! Another Funny Bone Monday is upon us, and today we’ll be watching funny dogs celebrate birthdays. Why? Because my middle child has a birthday tomorrow. He’ll be 19 years old. I haven’t yet finished cleaning and assembling his rusty unicycle, so I’d best get hopping! Here’s a great big happy … Read more

Funny Bone Monday, 20

Wash the dog

I don’t even know how to introduce this week’s Funny Bone Monday. The first video has already rendered me speechless. Let’s launch into dogs and toys. Yeah. I have a plastic cow which does this with Nerds candy. Meaning I eat the candy once it poops it out. Oh, and it moos. Maybe you’ll get … Read more

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