Giveaways and Mentions Galore


BlogPaws was a big deal I’m still reading about people who are recovering from it, nearly two weeks out. That would include yours truly. For today’s This n That Thursday, I thought it would be fun to holler at the peeps who are hosting giveaways of Jones Natural Chews as a result of BlogPaws. If … Read more

Funny Bone Monday, 25

Patriotic Australian Shepherd

If I could say thank you as well as a dog┬áto those who serve and have served our country in the armed forces , I’d probably be in a lot of trouble. A grown woman jumping up and licking a soldier’s face is generally frowned upon. But I would if I could, because I love … Read more

Answering Questions with Style

Sad Australian Shepherd

I love knowing the answers to tough questions. I don’t always get tough questions. But here’s to answering questions that are left in the comments over the last week! Welcome to Follow Up Friday, hosted by Jodi at Heart Like a Dog. Jackie asks: [quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Sounds like you were busy busy at BP! (What … Read more

Disaster Relief on Tasty Tuesday

Thunder sky

My heart is breaking this morning. My neighbors just a hundred miles south are looking for their children, pets, parents. Oklahoma in spring is a fierce place to live. Tulsa seems to skirt the major tornadic activity, but our friends in Moore … am praying for the survivors. Today I should be talking about the … Read more

Funny Bone Monday, 24

Chicks at Blog Paws

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Laughter really is the best medicine, you know, and today I’m in need of good medicine. My lovely daughter, who turned 20 while I was at BlogPaws this weekend, where Jones Natural Chews was a sponsor and gave away copious amounts of treats, gave me the most horrendous cold, which incubated … Read more

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