Chihuahua – To Have, or Not to Have?

Um, did you say Jones? A Chihuahua pack loves Jones Natural Chews.

Chihuahua – To Have or Not To Have? I’m going there. I’m going to talk about the Chihuahua today. Is the Chihuahua the right dog for you? For your family? I have had a lot of misconceptions about this wee dog. Let’s work through some of them today, shall we? For starters, here’s what the … Read more

Where Treats Come From

Where do treats come from?

Where Treats Come From Y’all all know where treats come from, right? It’s easy to disconnect with the source of our food. This weekend I spent time at my favorite homestead, hanging out with food-in-waiting. Homesteaders are honest about where treats come from. And their animals are treated with the utmost care and affection. Say … Read more

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