Watch This Space for Dogs

Heading to Orlando for a conference - watch this space for dog photos!

Watch This Space Sunday I leave for another Mother of All Road Trips, so I’m alerting you now to watch this space. Even more, follow us on Instagram. That’s where the magic happens when I’m on the road. If you’re not already following @JonesChews on Instagram, then you missed out on the adventures of Gunny … Read more

Perfect Treat for Senior Dogs

Cindy asks for more Jones Natural Chews

Perfect Treat for Senior Dogs Y’all, I’ve finally pinpointed the perfect treat for senior dogs. Jones Natural Chews Frank n Woofer. Let’s walk through why. The Frank is a soft treat, pliable, easy to tear into small pieces, great for older, weaker jaws The Woofer (bun) is thin and easily snapped into tiny pieces, great … Read more

Frank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness

Focus on the all natural dog treat from Jones Natural Chews, little Shih Tzu

Frank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness Today’s giveaway shall bring happiness to dogs. Thus decrees the Good Flea. Y’all, our Frank n Woofer giveaway will make your dog smile nine ways to Sunday. Why? Because our Frank n Woofer is GOOOOOOOD. Don’t believe me? Ask Buster. Let’s find out what the Frank n Woofer is made … Read more

Funny Shih Tzu Dogs, FBM 228

Grandma's dog, the funny Shih Tzu, loves Jones Natural Chews

Funny Shih Tzu Dogs Happy Funny Bone Monday, y’all! Today’s videos are all about funny Shih Tzu dogs! And today we announce the winner of the Jones Natural Chews Bully Bone giveaway, so stay tuned till the end! Why funny Shih Tzu dogs? Yesterday I had a photo shoot with THE cutest Shih Tzu imaginable. … Read more

How the Good Flea Got Her Name

The Good Flea in her Jones Natural Chews jacket

How the Good Flea Got Her Name Memory is a dangerous thing. Especially when it doesn’t work correctly. I am going to tell the story of how the Good Flea got her name, but part of it is my childhood memories, the other part stories as they were told me by third parties, years later. … Read more

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