One Bone to Rule Them All

One Bone to Rule Them All

One Bone to Rule Them All

There really is one bone to rule them all. It’s quiet in my home this morning. I have four dogs – two 55 pound seniors and two 13 pound lap dogs. They’re all noisy creatures. But not today, thanks to the 2″ Natural Center Bone from Jones Natural Chews. Today I’m going to let the photos speak for them. One bone rules them all.

Good dogs get Jones Natural Chews all natural bones - one bone rules them all

Gadget isn’t always a good dog. He poops in the house sometimes (he can’t help it). He growls and snaps at his siblings. He’s needy and clingy. But overall? He’s a good dog. He’s my dog. So he gets Jones Natural Chews. Unfortunately for Gadget, his mouth is very tiny. He’s going to need a Lamb Femur instead of this luscious Natural Center Bone. One bone rules them all? How about most? Gadget did some chewing time, but this small bone was just too much for him. I gave him some Big Paw Jerky and he was a happy dog.

Good dogs get Jones Natural Chews all natural bones

Chewy, on the other hand, rules the bone. He just loves to gnaw, and a 2″ Center Bone from Jones is the perfect size. He gnaws off all the meaty bits before attacking the marrow. This is one happy dog. A good dog? Usually. Definitely a happy dog.

But Can the Big Dogs Handle It?

Flash has always loved bones. He chews them till they’re in bits and pieces, forcing me to take them away. He’s been quietly gnawing on this Center Bone for a solid half hour, getting his teeth and gums clean.

Good dogs get Jones Natural Chews all natural bones

I’d say that a dog any bigger than Flash (he’s an Australian Shepherd mix) would need to move up to at least the 4″ Natural Center Bone from Jones. After about half an hour, Flash managed to break a piece of bone off. A large chunk, which Chewy promptly rushed in to steal. It was just the right size for my Chew Monster.

Good dogs get Jones Natural Chews all natural bones

Doesn’t that look like a yummy bone, covered in meaty bits? Patches is reluctant, these days, being nearly 15 years old. Bones seem to intimidate her now. But she took this one and gnawed for awhile before begging for a Jones jerky strip. She knows how much she can handle. That, and we have an ice storm coming tonight. Her joints hurt and she’s panting. You’ll excuse me while I grab a joint supplement for my old dogs …

The Face of Jones Natural Chews

What face is the face of Jones Natural Chews? My dog? Your dog? I’d say all dogs. We have bones and treats for all size dogs. The treats have very few ingredients. They’re completely all natural, and all US grown and produced. How could that not be for all dogs? And one bone rules them all – the Natural Center Bone. It’s a consumable (the meaty bits baked on, as well as the yummy marrow intact), and it’s a fun dental aid. And pretty much all dogs would relish a chance to gnaw it. Your dog is the face of Jones Natural Chews. So is my dog. Just ask Gadget.

Good dogs get Jones Natural Chews all natural bones

Though I doubt he’d be willing to share space or treats with your dog. He’s piggy that way.


Speaking of the one bone that rules them all, we’re giving it away! Which size will depend on the winner’s dog. Click this sentence to access the entry post, then enter! Your dog will smile. Naturally. And tweeting daily increases your chances of winning! (And don’t forget to enter the secret giveaway!)

Spreading the good chews …


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