Of Corgis and Fleas, Of Course

Of Corgis and Fleas, Of Course

Of Corgis and Fleas

Y’all, I mentioned my friend Karen here yesterday, she who raises Corgis (corgis without fleas). What I did not tell you all is that Karen is one of my oldest online friends since I began blogging ten years ago. We have a tremendous amount in common, including her love of chickens. We’re both insane, which helps.

Oh. Did I speak out of turn? Was I not supposed to tell people that you’re crazy, Karen? My bad. Because when they read this post about the fleas, they’re going to KNOW. I’ve asked permission from Karen for two things: 1) to use her Corgi photos, and 2) to steal the term FleaPocalypse (to be used at some later date). She has graciously granted permission for both.

Corgi puppy, but no fleas
Karen, of The Rocking Pony, is also a photographer. I’m jealous. This puppy is too cute.

There’s been a lot of talk online the last month about fleas, partly because it’s spring and partly because, it seems, long-time meds like Frontline are losing efficacy due to fleas becoming immune to their deadly charms. In fact, I wrote about fleas just yesterday. When the realization hits that they’re putting poison on their dogs’ backs, people are turning to more homeopathic means of killing fleas (I do it too. Don’t get your panties in a bunch). My friends in the deep South know that homeopathic methods make only the smallest dent in flea control. Y’all, it’s nuts down there when it comes to bugs.

So What Really Works?

So. Does the diatomaceous (sp?) earth work? Read this guy’s stuff – not only does he (she?) make a compelling argument for the use of diatomaceous earth, he’s pretty stinkin’ funny.

I’m going to vote no for the DE, simply because I suck at housekeeping and it sounds like a real nightmare. Can you imagine the ceiling fans alone, not to mention every other surface and crevice in the house?

Seriously cute Corgi pup
OMD – how CUTE is this Corgi pup?!? I LOVE HIM!

So what’s a dog lover to do when their dog has fleas? Or simply to prevent fleas before they can strike? In the all natural category, Carol, at Fidose of Reality, posted links to several flea treatments yesterday. I ordered the one year disks for my small dogs. Also contenders for the all natural are remedies I’ve heard for years but never tried – brewers yeast as a year round supplement in the diet, and apple cider vinegar added to the dog’s water, or sprayed on. I’m interested in feed back on either of those, too.

Sleeping corgis

DE Makes for Fun Reading

Actually, the more I read, the more I lean toward the diatomaceous earth. How on earth do we use that without having to clean for weeks after, though? I’m remembering, living in Florida for years, our cat rolling in the gutter in front of our house. Animals tend to roll in the dust so they can coat their skin with dust. The dust keeps fleas and bugs off. So. Can I just dust my dogs with food grade DE? And their bedding? And call it quits?

Maybe. Here’s what Karen says:

Here’s the scoop that I found out AFTER I coated the house. Vacuum up a small amount of DE so that whatever fleas you continue to vac after that will die in the canister. Then put a thin layer of DE where you don’t normally vacuum and leave it, like under the couch, behind furniture, etc.

This subject sucks. The more I read over time, the more products I try, the more I find that it’s either coating your dog’s skin with poison, or using products which just don’t cut it. Stink. PLEASE weigh in if you have the miracle solution. We all want to know!

Corgi pups
These Corgi puppies want to know.

Y’all, head to Karen’s Etsy shop. She makes the MOST adorable collars, leashes, bowties and more. Pretty sure she does special orders (she’s going to shoot me now). Seriously cute stuff.


They won’t get rid of fleas, but they’ll sure make your dog happy – chicken and duck feet from Jones Natural Chews. To enter to win some for your dog, click this sentence, scroll to the bottom of the new post, click the box and do what it says. That’s it. Then tell me your solution for fleas, will ya?

Spreading the good chewsΒ …


P.S. This post is gently recycled. It’s flea season, after all. Karen not only no longer raises Corgis, she raised French Bulldogs for years, but no longer does that either. Now she makes cool dog stuff.

24 thoughts on “Of Corgis and Fleas, Of Course

  1. Mom uses Trifexis on all of us, for fleas and heartworms etc. She thinks its is pretty high but who knows, she also worries what it does to us..mom is such a worrywort…anyway she has been looking for an alternative also…let us know if you find the golden egg when it comes to fleas.
    stella rose

    • My mom used something like this on our dogs when I was growing up. It worked great. I just worry about these poisons and cancer, since that’s how our dogs seem to die anymore. I think Karen’s advice with the DE was helpful, to spread it where we don’t usually vacuum and put some into the vacuum.
      Flea recently posted..Of Corgis and Fleas and FriendsMy Profile

    • But Jodi, where do you live? In the deep south fleas are a major problem year round. Shoot, bugs are a major problem year round. I’m thinking of trying the brewer’s yeast and apple cider vinegar this season myself, but not if I lived much further south. πŸ™
      Flea recently posted..Of Corgis and Fleas and FriendsMy Profile

  2. I had no idea corgi puppies were that cute!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!

    I use K-9 Advantixx. Usually every other month so at least it’s not quite as much poison. If there’s an easier more natural way, that’d be great. But it seems like all the natural remedies are kind of a pain and aren’t quite as effective.
    Blueberry’s human recently posted..Another Desert WalkMy Profile

  3. I have DE on my tasks list to get for different things. They say you give it orally to your dog it will help with arthritis, you can take the food grade also and it helps with all kinds of problems I guess but I’m not up for eating sand yet. I have heard about show people sprinkling a bit on their dogs before the dog show to keep the bugs off. I use Vectra 3D and have had no problems with it at all. I also use Sentinel so that is a added flea control. Cute puppy pics.
    JoAnn Stancer recently posted..This β€˜N That ThursdayMy Profile

  4. I was trolling through Pinterest after initialing responding and came across this anti-flea shampoo:
    All-natural anti-flea dog shampoo
    1/2 cup water (preferably distilled)
    1/3 cup pure castille soap
    1 tsp olive oil
    20 drops of pure essential oil. I used 10 rosemary and 10 peppermint
    Combine all ingredients using a small funnel, shake well before each use. It should keep for about 6 month.
    Good luck!

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