New Year, More Coffee

New Year, More Coffee

New Year, More Coffee

It’s a new year! Everyone is talking about how bad last year was, and yeah, horrid things happened to some people. Horrid things happen to people every year. Shoot, I had cancer and was treated all year long, but it was still a great year for me. Stop your whining. Brew another pot of coffee.

It's a new year and you drank all the coffee?! Cute dog loves coffee.

A new year means different things to different people. People make resolutions. Like walking the dog more. Or buying more Jones Natural Chews (that was Chewy’s resolution – I have no idea how it wound up on my list). My resolution is to survive this year and stay cancer free. And to drink more coffee.

Seriously, though, have you made any resolutions for the new year? Are you expecting this year to be better than the last? I’ll let you in on my real resolution this year. I’ll be eating paleo. I know, I know, I know – everybody starts a diet on January first. Occasionally I do, too. This year is different, though.

I have Hashimoto’s, a very common thyroid disease. It’s possible that the Hashi’s caused my cancer. I’ve been battling it for about a decade, and have tried a multitude of eating plans, from vegan to green smoothies. None of these plans liked my thyroid. At all. So I did a boat load of reading and it looks like the paleo plan is the most thyroid friendly.

No Judgment Zone

New year - get out of the box you're in and start a better life

If you know me, if you’ve seen me in person, you know that I’m a large person. For the most part I’m okay with that. I don’t want my dogs to be overweight. But me? Whatever. So this new plan isn’t about the weight. It’s about not dying. It’s about living another 20 or 40 years without suffering terribly.

It’s about coffee.

It’s about getting out of the box I’m in and tweaking the person I am. I like me. I just need a little work. And more coffee. Did I mention coffee?

Coffee is the human equivalent of Jones Natural Chews for people. I like mine the way my dogs like their treats – pure and simple, no added ingredients (a little cream and sugar don’t hurt). Where was I going with this? I’ll be making a few changes, but I’m not giving up coffee. In case you were wondering.

New Year Slogginess

Are you sloggy starting the new year? I sure am. All the festivities and holiday food make me a sloth in January. That’s where the coffee comes in! Grey skies and cold air. Detoxing from holiday fun. Starting work and school after a nice rest. Time to get up and go again. Do you feel like that, like a slug? So it’s not just me?

Rabbit Entree' Jerky from Jones Natural Chews is for good dogs. Santa said so.

I think that even the dogs feel it, the sluggishness. They’re not so eager to get up and moving in winter time. They want to stay in their warm beds, poor dears. And dogs don’t drink coffee. So I offer them a treat every morning. They get up and moving for a Jones Beef Liver Taffy or Big Paw Jerky.

To sum up, it’s a new year. Yes, just another day on a calendar, but a nice opportunity to do something different. And to have another cup of coffee.


Also, to give your dog another, better treat. Your dog’s resolution was to eat more Jones Natural Chews this year. It told me so. You can start by entering our Braided Stix contest, and winning a fantastic treat for your favorite dog. It’ll make your dog smile. Honest.

Spreading the good chews …


7 thoughts on “New Year, More Coffee

  1. HA, I hear you on the coffee, it’s a huge part of my daily life and I will never ever ever ever give it up. I love indulging in a cup of steaming hot goodness after a nice, long doggie walk. Best reward ever 😉 I add a little 2% organic milk and a little organic, virgin coconut oil, and also a dash or so of organic cinnamon. S O TASTY.
    Barbara Rivers recently posted..An Interview About Healthy Dog Food With Holistic Animal Care Educator Lizzy Meyer from Whole Horse ConsultingMy Profile

  2. Happy new year!! You had such a great outlook all last year and now continuing on, you are a trooper and stay that way! Have a great year ahead. Hopefully less and less Dr. visits.

  3. I was feeling sluggish, and then I saw the photo with the wabbit jerky and I’m ready to roll now! Bring it all on in 2017! Enjoy your coffee, I’ll stick with the wabbit jerky and my mom likes her ice water.

  4. Ask Layla what I am like without coffee, oy vey I bark LOL. Let us enjoy our coffee while out pampered pooches enjoy their Jones Treats yumm

    Happy 2017 with love and woofs from us

  5. We’ll have to compare notes on Paleo. I started it in November for my health issues. So far I think it’s working out, although I didn’t notice results right away. I am a pretty healthy eater anyway but cutting out grains and sugar really seems to work, along with a supplement I take.

  6. i see you got your blog straightened out. great. missed you. i need coffee to get me going in the am. the Paleo diet is very restrictive, i have read. i think this is the diet that many of the stars, and kate used to lose a lot of weight. i hope it works well for you. the girls and i are stuck in the house since friday, with the snow and sleet. got mostly sleet. Evie has a dr appmt to check her blood work on monday for the chemo, i doubt we will be able to get out. i live on a long driveway, that is very steep at the top. it is shaded, so it will take days for it to melt. no snow plows or salt b/c it is a private road. it is not getting above freezing for several days, and getting down to 7 at night. glad i stocked up on food, food for the girls, water, kerosene in case the electricity goes out, etc. i hate cold weather and snow. i am wondering why a dr did not connect the cancer with your disease yrs ago and watch for any clues. yes, the girls are staying in bed, but they saw the deer out and wanted to go out on the deck….thank goodness i have a big covered deck where they can get some exercise and potty.

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