All Natural Treats Your Dog Can’t Resist

All Natural Treats Your Dog Can’t Resist

All Natural Treats Your Dog Can’t Resist

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know darn well that Jones Natural Chews makes all natural treats that your dog can’t resist. You’ve probably picked some up at your local feed store and have proven it to yourself, yes? But do you know WHY our treats are irresistible? There’s some science involved, I’m sure, but I’m not a scientist. I just know dogs, and I’ve given these treats to hundreds of dogs in the last five years. Let’s break down the reasons your dog can’t resist Jones Natural Chews.

All Natural Isn’t Just a Label

Our label says all natural. I blog about our treats being all natural. But what exactly does that mean? Simply put, all natural means that there are ZERO artificial ingredients. Nothing manufactured. No petroleum based products. No food sources which don’t come from nature. Nothing lab created. And you can probably pronounce everything in our treats. Let’s look at our treat with the most ingredients.

Jill the Frenchie loves Rocky's Rollers from Jones Natural Chews - all natural treats your dog can't resist

Rocky’s Rollers Soft Chicken Sausage is a soft, pliable treat. It’s appropriate for all dogs and can be torn into smaller pieces, making it great for training. What’s in it?

chicken, rye flour, glycerin, brown sugar, salt, liquid smoke flavoring, natural mixed tocopherols (preservative), rosemary extract in a collagen casing

The liquid smoke flavoring is a natural liquid smoke. The collagen casing is natural. Tocopherols was the only ingredient I hadn’t heard of when I started working for Jones. A natural preservative means our treats don’t need refrigeration, which is a good thing.

Meat, Meat, Meat

What do dogs love? They love meat. Your dog can’t resist Jones Natural Chews because they’re either all or mostly meat! Let’s look at a couple of my all time favorite Jones treats, which just happen to be favorites for most of the dogs I’ve treated.

Lamb Lung Puffs from Jones Natural Chews are a top pick of dogs everywhere
Lamb Lung Puffs are hands down my favorite, as well as the top pick for dogs everywhere

Lamb Lung Puffs are simply what the name states – lamb lungs. They’re baked to perfection. Dogs go BANANAS for them. I think they’re probably the very best treat that Jones makes.

Don't you touch my pig ear from JNC
The Pig Ear from Jones Natural Chews is a perennial favorite, and one of their oldest treats. Dogs just can’t get enough of this treat!

These are two examples of pure meat treats from Jones, but there are so many more. Pork, Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Rabbit, Venison – all represented. All drool-worthy.

Single Ingredient Treats Rock

That’s right – Jones carries a wide variety of single ingredient treats. The above two examples are both single ingredient, with no coatings or flavor enhancement. Just what you see. Just what dogs love. Some other examples are our Woofers (ground beef), Pumpers (pork heart), Windees (beef trachea), Chicken and Duck Feet, Strap Sticks (beef ligament) – the list goes on and on for single ingredient treats.

Other single ingredient treats are our bones! Bones are a forgotten treat, I think. We’ll talk more about that next, but many of our bones are single ingredient treats, with no coatings or special treatment. Exceptions? Stuffed bones, bones coated in natural liquid smoke before baking, and bones combined with another single ingredient treat (our Bully Bone, for instance).

Dental Health for Dogs

So many of Jones Natural Chews are great for your dog’s dental health. Our bones, naturally. Gnawing on a bone stimulates saliva, which is beneficial, and it scrapes teeth and gums clean. Please, when giving your dog a bone, make sure it’s the appropriate bone for the size and chewing strength of your dog. A guideline can be found here.

In addition to bones, quite a few of our single ingredient consumable treats are great for your dog’s dental health. The Hoof, for instance, is a cow’s toenail, so it’s cartilage instead of bone, but it’s also tough as nails. Dogs love them and will chew on one for hours! Also great are our Bully and Steer Sticks, a tough chew which are especially good for the dental health of smaller dogs. Strap sticks are great as well.

Made in America

When you find this symbol on a dog treat, you know it’s good.

Made in the USA, certified - all Jones Natural Chews bear this symbol with pride
Made in America – USA certified

All of our treats – every single one – are made with ingredients grown and sourced (I don’t think salt is grown) in the United States of America. Every single one of our treats is produced and packaged in the US. In fact, every treat is baked and packaged in Rockford, Illinois. Nothing from Brazil, China or Mexico. All American. That’s a product you can trust.

Our Packaging Cheat

I’ll tell you a little secret, and it’s one more reason dogs can’t resist Jones Natural Chews – our packaging is finely perforated! That’s right. You can’t see it or tell, but the clear packaging Jones uses has teensy tiny holes. Dogs can smell the yummy goodness of Jones a mile away because of that! Treats dogs can’t resist? Definitely. Giving the dogs the ability to smell before you buy? Always! The best treats on the market? That’s a given. So what are you waiting for? Pick up some Jones today, or order online here!


If you’re still on the fence about our amazing treats, enter one of our two current giveaways. Our first one, giving away our Bully n Bacon treat to some lucky dog, can be entered by clicking this sentence and following directions in the new post. Our second one – three treats of your choosing to celebrate our five year blogging anniversary – can be entered by clicking THIS sentence and following the directions in the new post which will open. And that’s it! Your dog will smile. In fact, should you win, I bet your dog won’t be able to resist our treats. Give it a shot!

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