Moving Your Dog, FBM 232

Moving Your Dog, FBM 232

Moving Your Dog

When you see Moving Your Dog, do you automatically think exercise? Or does Moving Your Dog make you think of a cross country trip? Well, today it means moving from one house to another, since that’s our current plan. That’s right – I’m using the blog to learn. Our first video is actually quite helpful if you’re moving, whether it’s across town or cross country. I’m taking notes, people. You should, too, if you’re moving any time soon.

Our last move was over ten years ago. We moved three kids, two large-ish dogs (Flash and Patches were just four years old at the time), and a cat halfway across the country. Orlando to Tulsa. We stayed with family for a week, dogs and all. We moved in winter time. It was pretty crazy. But now we’re moving to the country, our dogs are 15 years old, we have two lap dogs, and the kids have all moved out (the last one is actually moving out at the end of this month). Which is all why I love this next video. Home is where your pets are. The move will be different, but our babies will be with us.

Our next video is an even more comprehensive list. One thing I’ve learned with my own dogs, traveling cross country, is that they don’t want to eat their usual food. I carry canned food for them. Yes, their systems aren’t used to it, but they’ll eat it. This list is brilliant, though. I’d also add Treatibles treats for the move, decreasing anxiety. The cookies have CBD oil and worked GREAT for Gunny, the Boston Terrier I transported to Tulsa. Seriously. I strongly recommend them for an anxious dog, especially if you’re moving your dog across country. Hmm. I should talk to Jones Natural Chews about adding marijuana to their treats. It’s all natural, right? 😉

The last video is what you might have expected when you saw Moving Your Dog. This fella, Adonis, talks about moving with a dog in order to lose weight. I admire that he’s getting people out and walking their dogs in order to be healthier and happier. Good job.


Our Woofer giveaway has come to an end and we have a winner! This week’s winner was the result of an actual blog comment! Yes, as frequently as treats win, occasionally a comment wins. Drum roll, please …

Linda Sue Boyd! Congratulations, Linda! Drop me a line with your address and we’ll get some yummy Woofers from Jones Natural Chews right out to you and your dog! They’re a single ingredient treat that your dog is sure to love.


Oh! Have you entered our secret blogging anniversary giveaway? You need to. NEEEEED to. Because the winner of this giveaway? The winner gets to choose THREE Jones Natural Chews treats for their dog! Three! That’s a pretty pawsome win! It’ll make your dog smile, that’s for sure! Click this sentence to open the giveaway post, then leave a comment and click the giveaway box, then click I Commented! Voila! You’re entered. You’ll want to tweet about it, though, to increase your chances of winning. This is a mother of a prize!

And that’s it. Enjoy your Monday. I’ll just be over here packing. And painting. And installing things. And removing more carpet. And caulking. Y’know. Moving stuff.

Spreading the good chews …


6 thoughts on “Moving Your Dog, FBM 232

  1. i would love to sell my house, but i am scared to move with my oldest so sick, blind, deaf, etc. i think the move would be too hard on her and she could die. i have seen older dogs not respond well to moving and die almost as soon as someone moved. my 2 younger girls would be fine. however, with Evie, with her chemo therapies, no so good. good luck in your move. your are lucky to have family to help move, pack, etc. it is just me. i had to move my mother several times myself during the last yrs of her life and it was very hard on me and trying to take care of her at the same time. my oldest siblings did not help at all. they just sued her and wanted money. sad.

  2. Mom has moved a ton of times with pets and never had a problem. Cats love the boxes on both ends of the move and they enjoy exploring the new house at night when they feel safe. We dogs love the new environment. Heck, Mom has moved with pets to Europe and back twice…now that is serious moving. I’m the only one left who has made an Atlantic move with her!
    Emma recently posted..The Magical Sherwood Forest Fairy TreeMy Profile

  3. I only had to move with Norman, can’t really count moving Norman, Nellie and the cats out of the shed to our new house 50 yrd away.

  4. We’re not moving but planning to have a long road trip. Thanks for giving us tips. And yes, I’ve read a lot about Treatibles. It would really help us a lot. Wish you well on your moving.

  5. I’m in the position where I have to start thinking about either signing another lease in my current building or moving to somewhere different. I’ve been worried about how the move will affect my dog and his overall socialization. Hopefully, it works out either way!

    Thanks for the inside look into your process!
    jordan recently posted..Puppy Starter Kit List: Save Time and MoneyMy Profile

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