Mini BlogPaws, Tulsa

Mini BlogPaws, Tulsa

Mini BlogPaws, Tulsa

A mini BlogPaws happened in Tulsa this week. WARNING: Today’s post is photo-heavy.

I know I’ve been moaning about not being able to attend BlogPaws last week, and rightly so – it’s the biggest dog blogging event there is, and all my bloggy friends attended. Not going is a sad thing. Plus, there were no goslings there because there was no Flea there representing Jones Natural Chews and showing off fowl. As for the Jones repping, though, I pawned that off on a friend. I’ll introduce you in a moment. First, the mini BlogPaws here at my house. It began last week when My Dog Likes stopped in on the way to Phoenix for the conference. I believe y’all said hi to Harley and Charlie last week?

Charlie wouldn't give me the secret recipe

Charlie already knows the bean recipe, so relax. Beautiful dogs. They took a dip in the koi pond to cool off after traveling. I love gorgeous, mammoth water dogs. These two beauties are welcome back any time. In fact, their parents wrote about their visit here.

After the conference, Karen, Louie the French Dog’s mom, popped in on Monday. She had Louie and her son, Luke, with her, and they stayed until last night. Say hi to my good buddy Louie.

Louie the French Dog at a mini BlogPaws in Tulsa

We had a very relaxing week. Louie slept a lot. One night my mother came to visit and Louie was happy to see a grandma.

Louie at a mini BlogPaws in Tulsa

We love company. The very first night that Karen and Louie were here, Susan Bewley, of Budget Earth, and her Hunny, along with Ivi the Alaskan Malamute, stopped in to say hi! Ivi and Louie romped all over the back yard, as well as in the house. They’re best buds and play hard. Say hi to Susan and Ivi!

Susan and Ivi at a mini BlogPaws in Tulsa

While Karen, Louie and Luke were here, Luke enjoyed our air cannon. I confess, I’ve used it to stop the dogs from barking incessantly, and it’s worked. Luke used it to tease Louie, and the two of them had a great time. Check it out. Karen was my Jones rep, by the way, handing out Woofermen last week at the conference.

Last night, the culmination of my mini BlogPaws in Tulsa, Carol, Darlene and Dexter, of Fidose of Reality, stopped in on their way home. It was such a lovely visit! Darlene was surrounded by animals and loved it. She was snapping Jones sausages into little pieces for them.

Darlene and the mini BlogPaws dogs

Then Darlene got to hold and love on Jimmy the Duck. Jimmy isn’t a fan of being held, but it doesn’t harm him, and he got some time out of the coop.

Give us a kiss at the mini BlogPaws in Tulsa

(The photo is a lie, btw – Darlene did hold Jimmy, but I didn’t get a photo – that’s me holding Jim)

Carol fell in love with Gadget (who doesn’t fall in love with Gadget?!?), and I was ready to send him home with her, but I forgot when we were all saying goodbye. falls in love with Gadget at the mini BlogPaws in Tulsa

And then, suddenly, it was time for everyone to leave. A week long mini BlogPaws, and it was over all at once. I loved every minute of it. I was even given a swag bag, which is one of the best parts of any conference, and the bags this year were STELLAR. So tell us all goodbye, give your dog a Jones Natural Chew, and let me rest. As much fun as it was, I’m exhausted and plan on sleeping the day away.

Mini BlogPaws in Tulsa


Oops! Don’t forget to enter the Venison Entree Sausage giveaway from Jones Natural Chews! Click on this sentence to open a new tab and scroll down to the Rafflecopter for entry instructions. Your dog will thank you. Now let me sleep.

Spreading the good chews …


5 thoughts on “Mini BlogPaws, Tulsa

  1. I am so happy that you were able to visit with all of those amazing friends. It was wonderful to laugh and talk to everyone but your presence was definitely felt! See you in Myrtle Beach 2017 ♥ (If not before)

  2. that was so nice of them, i did not even recognize you in the pictures. how wonderful of them to stop by so you could see some of your friends and hear abt blogpaws.

  3. I am so upset that I missed this year’s conference. I should’ve made this one my first conference but that didn’t happen. But Flea, I already have my tickets to next year’s conference and I expect you to be there too! We need a mini reunion! 🙂 Miss you!! xoxo

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