Meet the Bloggers, the Good Flea Edition

Meet the Bloggers, the Good Flea Edition

I was reading Something Wagging This Way Comes this morning, and Pamela introduced herself to her readers. Evidently there’s a one day blog hop, Meet the Bloggers. I love a good blog hop, as well as a good trivia game, so I’m playing along. Here’s my version of Meet the Bloggers, the Good Flea Edition. Thanks, Pamela!

Meet the Pet Bloggers Hop


Here I thought y’all knew everything about me. I’m not exactly shy online (or in person, even though I’m an introvert). So I chose five questions from a fun list to break the ice, get the ball rolling.

The Good Flea at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis
This is the Good Flea at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO. We’re supposed to use recent photos, so I’m choosing pictures from the trip this weekend. It was very cold this day.

Of course, I think most of you know the answers to the first question. Really? Here it is:

What one word would people who know you use to describe you?

Quirky. Duh. Or eclectic. I’ve asked my FaceCrack friends to describe me in one word. They usually come back with some variant of quirky. Really? Moi?

The Good Flea and Lupe'
This is the Good Flea and my friend Lupe’, a college bud who now works as a translator for Jones. We had a blast this weekend, reminiscing and catching up.

Other than blogging, what are three things you do that bring you joy?

Interacting with my kids. They’re nearly grown, all three of them, but I love just hanging out with them. They make me laugh SO HARD. The youngest had his Christmas band concert last night and the other four of us were in the balcony, gritting our teeth over the crying babies. When Squatch sat down on stage, we got his attention. Then the four of us did the wave. He doubled over laughing, which made all of us laugh.

Hanging out with the chickens and Jimmy. It’s quiet and peaceful in the backyard, just sitting on the ground some days, letting Jim nibble my hands. A deep, quiet joy.

So many things bring me joy. It’s tough to single out three. I read my Bible every morning. I wish I could say that brings me joy all the time – sometimes it does – but sometimes it’s very disturbing. Right now it’s especially disturbing. But joy? Making my Hunny smile and laugh brings me joy. He struggles with depression, so being light and laughter for him brings me great joy.

The three amigos
Here we are, the three amigos! Laura, Lupe and I all went to college together a million years ago. It was so good to see them again!

What do you like to do in your free time?

Free time? What the heck is that?!? I actually do have free time. I just feel like that’s how a good American would answer that question. Isn’t that sad? But in my free time, I like to read. A lot. Mystery, history, fantasy, sci fi, apologetics – anything but horror or romance. Ew. And I like to hang out on FaceCrack. I’m a very social introvert.

The Good Flea and Deb
This is the Good Flea and Stella Rose’s mom! We had SUCH a good time with her and the Pug daddy! Y’all all need to go visit them. Seriously.

If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?

Wow! Tough questions! I think I’d be a lot more active and assertive. I have a tough time selling myself. Things like the leash I made for Sugar Golden Woofs, or the wood burning I love to do. I used to smock. But I don’t charge enough or give myself enough credit. I know that. Yes, that’s what I’d change.

The Good Flea and Suzy from Jones chews
This is my Suzy! Suzy is my boss at Jones. Isn’t she adorable? I can’t wait till we get our Santa photo back.

What’s your favorite non-animal related book?

First off, I don’t think I have a favorite animal related book. Second, you’re going to ask me to pick a favorite book? Y’all are going to think my answer is silly. I mean, I have a ton of favorite books, some quite erudite. But my all-time favorite is C.S. Lewis’s Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Seriously. I relate to Eustace, an intelligent boy with zero common sense. He’s angry, belittling, beneath it all he’s scared. Afraid of who he is and who he’s not. Ultimately he finds out who he is and who he’s not and it’s redeeming, the way he discovers himself. The way he discovers who he’s not. I love this book.

Flea in her Jones jacket
Check out the jacket from Jones! I LOVE IT! These were gifts from Jones at the Christmas party. Super warm and comfy!

And that’s it! Happy Good Flea Day! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Until I write again …


31 thoughts on “Meet the Bloggers, the Good Flea Edition

  1. Miss Flea, such fantastic things to find out about you and to see we have some things in common. I think a lot of people can relate to being more assertive and not being able to “sell ourselves” as best as we can/should. You are very talented…that leash you made for Sugar was pawesome…and you can believe in that!
    *Cairn cuddles*

    BTW, love the Jones jacket!
    Oz the Terrier recently posted..A SnowPeople SerenadeMy Profile

  2. I feel like I know you just from reading your posts, and Mom does know you. I will interview Mom tomorrow, couldn’t do it today. Just sad that you still have the duck and not the wabbit but then again, I couldn’t keep a wabbit around either 😉
    emma recently posted..Pets Need #PetBox | GBGVMy Profile

  3. LOL! I said the same thing about “free time?” 😀 I love your favorite book selection and have much of the same reading interests… Anything but romance. Don’t get me wrong, I like a little romance in some of my stories but I don’t want it to be the main focus. It’s so great how close you and your family are. I love the wave thing you did. My aunts, uncles, and cousins on my dad’s side are a bit quirky like that but they live in Oregon and I’ve lived in either Texas or Kansas for so long that I’m no longer a part of that inner goofy circle.
    Dawn recently posted..Meet the Bloggers Blog HopMy Profile

  4. It was really fun to learn more about you, Flea. What surprised me the most? That you said you’re introverted. I never would have guessed that! To me, you have seemed outgoing and friendly. I am introverted too, and can also be outgoing and friendly, so I guess I really do relate to that!
    Jan K recently posted..Meet the Blogger Blog HopMy Profile

  5. Hi Flea! It’s great to get to know you a bit better! This blog hop was a great idea wasn’t it?! It has been so much fun getting to know the humans behind the pet blogs! My only problem is that I don’t know how I’m going to keep up with all the new blogs/bloggers I’ve met since yesterday! I have a hard enough time keeping up with the few I already follow/subscribe to!
    I can so relate to certain things in your post! There are days when my hubby’s OCD gets a little difficult for us both, but we manage. And the pups are a big help…they’re all a little crazy, even the two seniors. It’s been several years since my stepson was in high school (he’s now a daddy to two boys under age 3), but I remember the days of Little League Baseball. In just a few short years, we’ll probably be going to tee-ball games with our older grandson! Gadzooks! How is it that I’m old enough to be a Grandma?!
    Callie, Shadow, and Ducky’s Mom recently posted..Meet The Bloggers Blog HopMy Profile

  6. Umm…you also LOVE Weird Al, coffee, and sesame bagels with plain cream cheese. Gobs of cream cheese. Because one can never have too much cream cheese. True story. Also, you like to burn things. And your favorite short story is, “It Was Dark” by a heretofore unpublished author who shall remain nameless otherwise the unveiling of her name could unleash a throng of adoring fans and force her into Witsec. Just sayin’. You should’ve asked me what one word I would use to describe you. I might’ve said awesome sauce. But that’s two words. And I can’t hyphenate them because that’s just grammatically incorrect. And the Good Flea rolls off the tongue (unless you are Dabbers and can’t roll your tongue so you gargle) more easily than Awesome Sauce Flea. So yeah. Good thing you didn’t ask me.

    ***This message was paid for by besties of The Good Flea. No actual fleas were harmed in the making of this message. Side effects of The Good Flea include but are not limited to: bouts of hysterical laughter, sipping French press coffee out of Life is Good mugs, moments of V-8 clarity, and discussions of randomness that lead one to contemplate the complexities of life…and using a bidet.
    Heather recently posted..Searching for answersMy Profile

  7. It’s so great that you love your job so much and the people you work with! I would have never guessed that you have three grown kids – you don’t look old enough 🙂 Thanks for joining in – so nice to learn more about you!
    julie recently posted..Your daily dose of cute!My Profile

  8. I love your choice of books! And your reasoning for why it’s your favorite. I think we tend to select books we can relate to or those that teach us something. Many C.S. Lewis books fit that bill.

    Thanks for joining the hop and letting us get to know you a little better.
    Leslie recently posted..Merry Christmas to all!My Profile

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