Many Different Knuckles

Many Different Knuckles

Many Different Knuckles

Jones Natural Chews is giving some lucky dog a knuckle soon (entry info at the bottom of the post), but did you know that there are many different knuckles? The knuckles we’ve been showing this week on the blog are very large, perfect for big dogs. But there are knuckles which are appropriate for small dogs, like toy or lap dogs. Let’s look at the knuckles I’m currently working with.

Jones Natural Chews beef knuckle giveaway

Most of the knuckles Jones carries are large like these. We carry the following giant knuckles:

  • Crown Knuckles
  • Femur Knuckles
  • Jones Knuckles
  • Saddle Knuckles
  • Natural Knuckles

All of these are recommended for medium to large size dogs, even though my Chewy (13 pound mutt) loves them. So what do you turn to when you have a smaller dog which loves a good chewing bone? Because I’ll be honest – the knuckles ROCK as gnawing bones. The ends are rounded, making them less prone to splintering with aggressive chewers. Your dog needs the knuckle.

Small Dog-Friendly Knuckles

Jones Natural Chews carries two knuckles which are sure to make your small dog happy. Both, like the ones listed above, are covered in beef bits (all of Jones’ knuckles are beef, the sturdiest of ethically grown bones – at least until science starts breeding dinosaurs). Say hello to a small dog gnawing on a knuckle:

OM NOM NOM - the beef Knee Cap for dogs is one of many different knuckles and is appropriate for small dogs like this King Charles Cavalier Spaniel
The Knee Cap is her new best friend. This delicate King Charles Cavalier Spaniel wasn’t a big fan of bones until she met the Knee Cap.

The King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, a delicate breed, averages about 15 pounds. This Knee Cap quickly became Prissy’s favorite treat. My own small dogs love it. Jones recommends the beef Knee Cap for all size dogs, but you want to be sure the dog’s mouth isn’t large enough to swallow it whole. Give the bigger dogs the bigger knuckles.

The beauty of the Knee Cap is that it bears the weight of an entire cow, so it’s super sturdy. And perfect for a teething puppy. Seriously.

Our other small dog approved knuckle is the Top Crest. Jones has this to say about it:

The Top Crest is the best part of the crown, where all the gems are. With no artificial ingredients added, all size dogs can enjoy this yummy chew, but at 1 1/2″ it’s also good for the small mouths that can’t fit around other bones. The Top Crest is the top slice of the crown knuckle from a USA all-natural beef tibia bone. All Jones’ products are 100% grown and made in the USA


Giant knuckles, Knee Caps, crown jewels – Jones has a super sturdy gnawing bone for any size dog. And this is why the winner of the knuckle will be able to choose the knuckle size and type for their dog(s). I always try to match the dog with the right treat. So click this sentence, scroll to the bottom of the new window which will open, and click the box to start the entry. Your dog will thank you. And if you win, you’ll be in charge of which knuckle is best for your dog. Different knuckles are a good thing.

Oh, and if you’re looking for Jones online, pop over to Natural Dog Treat Shop for some great treats!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. Crown knuckles are my dogs favorite, they have little crunchies that fall off and they lick them up.

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