Little Dog and Flea Update

Little Dog and Flea Update

Before we tackle the little dog issue, know that this gently recycled post is fairly recent. I’ve been taking inventory, lately, of things for which I’m thankful. Most of us do that this time of year, yes? It may seem obvious, but it hit me like a two-by-four between the eyes – I’m thankful to be alive this year. Had I waited any longer to talk to my doctor about what we thought was probably a hemorrhoid, I’d probably be dead right now. People, if you see blood in either your own stool or your dog’s, seek medical attention ASAP. Oh, and I’m so thankful for all of YOU! You helped make a brutally difficult year bearable, even pleasant most days. Thank you!

Little Dog Update

First, thank you all for your suggestions on how to solve the food problem with the little dog, particularly Gadget. A recurring suggestion (both here and on Facebook), was Merrick’s canned food. I’ll be shopping today, so I’ll try that. Another suggestion was a high fiber treat just for Gadget, so all of the dogs can eat the same without issue. That’s brilliant, but the none of the dogs will touch treats which aren’t meat. Specifically, that aren’t Jones Natural Chews. They’re snobs. In a good way. And technically, Gadget is supposed to be on a soft food diet. I wet his kibble, rendering it soft. Doesn’t matter what I do to kibble, he wants what’s not his. And I can’t starve all the dogs for that sausage of a little dog. We’ll make this work, but I’ve gotta get it under control before May 18th.

The world's most fascinating little dog


Speaking of May 18th, that’s when I undergo surgery. Have I explained this yet? My most glamorous rectal cancer (come on – it is too glamorous) may cause me to be butt-less for life. The tumor is very close to the end of the line, so to speak, and the surgeon may not be able to save the rectum. He gave me a 20% chance of ever being able to poop again. That’s not a lot. I’m hoping and praying that his 20% is a CYA move, and that the tumor is non-existent by the time he goes in with his lasers and removes it. He has to remove the tumor and surrounding lymph nodes, with some kind of margin around it to make sure there are no cancer cells left at all.

This all means that, because of the tumor’s location, there may be nothing left to resect once he’s got his margin. I’d really rather not wear a bag for life. Maybe that’s just me, but that is NOT glamorous.

JNC Pig Ear Snax mean listening dogs

I know this probably isn’t what you expected to read today. And maybe I need to find high fiber treats for Flea to avoid this happening again in the future. Seriously, though, even though they plan on eliminating any and every cancer cell in my body (I still have another six months of chemo to look forward to after surgery – woohoo!), because my wonky thyroid seems to be the culprit, and because that issue isn’t disappearing, the cancer could return. Thanks, thyroid. I love you, too. So there’s your Flea update. Little dog has it so much easier than I do at the moment.


Little dog isn’t the only one whose diet is being evaluated. I’ve been looking at my diet. I’ve bounced through several programs over the years, not to lose weight (which I need to do), but because of my thyroid and what it does to me. The Hashimoto’s drastically lowers my immune system, so I get sick frequently, and my energy levels are low. The last two or three years I’ve been seeing a naturopath, and she has me on great supplements, including a desiccated thyroid supp, so I’ve stayed well, for the most part. But I still got cancer. So I can’t rely on just the supplements.

Diet and exercise play a role. Everything I read says that stress is also a major factor. I can’t really control most of the stress factors in my life. And my energy levels for exercise leave a lot to be desired. Here’s the deal about the diet – it looks like I’ll have to do an elimination diet, paring back to bare minimums, then adding things back gradually. Hashimoto’s works differently for each person, meaning there’s no set diet. And I can’t do that right now, because surgery is coming up soon. And at least a temporary bag. I’m so frustrated.

I’ll stop whining now. Promise. I hope I’m allowed to whine occassionally. Otherwise I think I’d go crazy. Thanks for letting me vent today.


If you’ve stuck it out this far, please click to the giveaway page, scroll down to Rafflecopter, and follow the instructions to enter! It ends this weekend, so don’t delay! And do tweet, to increase your chances of winning! Jones Natural Chews makes an amazing product, and the Stuffed Windees are amazing meat treats which your dog will love. I promise.

Spreading the good chews …


12 thoughts on “Little Dog and Flea Update

  1. We think it is awesome for you to share your story. It take a lot of courage and hopefully can help others. One thing being a dog blogger, you never have to worry about anyone being “grossed out” talking about butt/poop issues. It is a day to day thing with us all. We are praying you fit in the 20%…heck, 20% fit there, why not you? Go in as an optimist, we always do. My NW3 trial next week has at best a 25% pass rate, but we are going in to make that percentage happen for us. Hope is all we really have to go on in life, so never give up hope!
    Emma recently posted..5 Tips To Successfully Run With Your DogMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the update Flea, you’re in my prayers and sending lots of positive thoughts your way. {{hugs}}. Like Emma says, staying positive will get you through this. And of course your awesome sense of humor!

  3. Flea, sending lots of love from layla and I

    PS. Check into the Dash Diet which is great, plus I drink of course my coffee HA, but during the day mint tea or cinnamon tea which helps with weight loss (just an idea)

  4. You are totally allowed to whine, vent, yell, cry, rant, rage, rave, etc. We are continuing to send good thoughts your way! A friend recently had surgery that the doc said she had a 7% chance of surviving, and she’s not only surviving, she’s doing really well and getting her strength back. Miracles happen every day! And doctor’s make wrong stabs at picking a percentage every day! So we are anticipating a good outcome!! I know whatever happens, you’ll make the best of it. Sending hugs your way!

  5. You’re not whining; you’re educating us and I appreciate it. This is something that I want to know about and I’ll learn more by hearing it from someone who is walking the path, but it’s not something you can go up to someone and ask “what’s up with your cancer?”

    Thanks for taking the time to update us.

  6. i am so sorry to hear about the progress of your health. i was wishing for a better outcome. hopefully, things will work out and the dr will be able to save the tissues. i know i have had many digestive problems over the yrs and my gastrologist has suggested the bag, i said no, though. however, i dont have cancer. i am wishing you the best and praying for you. remember what i said, it is not just doing the chemo, etc. it is a whole body, diet, watching your weight, exercise, etc. you have a right to whine all you want. you are going thru alot. i admire you for continuing to work, keep up your blog and care for your babies.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your story and the journey as you kick cancer to the curb. That said, please know our thoughts and prayers continue to flow your way toward a full recovery with special prayers no bag is involved. We’re all rooting for you. ღ

  8. Flea, you are a very strong woman for sharing your story with all of us, and you are most definitely allowed to complain about it. I know I would. I am sending you positive energy and Missy & Buzz are sending sloppy puppy kisses your way.

  9. We continue to send pawsitive thoughts and prayers on your health situation. You have been quite the inspiration to me as you’ve dealt with this over the past year. Kudos and hugs.

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