Let’s Talk Pig Hearts – JNC Pumper

Let’s Talk Pig Hearts – JNC Pumper

Pig Hearts

Yes, we’re going to talk about pig hearts today. Specifically the Jones Natural Chews Pumper. I feature two Jones chews a month, and one of the featured treats this month is the Pumper, or a baked pig heart. OM NOM NOM Since I told a story yesterday, today we’ll focus on the pig hearts, er, Pumpers, in our giveaway.

Jones Pumper (pork heart) for dogs

I’ve been giving dogs Pumpers left and right the last couple of weeks. One of the best parts of my job is meeting new dogs and making them smile by giving them Jones all natural, all grown and made in the USA treats! And Pumpers are something I’d never handed out, so I was curious how different dogs would handle the pig heart.

Is a Pumper a good treat? Pig hearts are the best!

First there was Gentry, a friend’s Chow Chow and Golden Retriever mix. Gentry LOVED the Pumper. He took it gently from my hand and walked far across the yard before I could change my mind. That is a common response from dogs that don’t know me. Take my treat then walk away. It’s a good thing I don’t have the common sense to be offended by it. 😉

Fine. Be that way. Just take your pig hearts and walk away.
“Imma take my treat and go home”

I think it took Gentry about five minutes to make the Pumper disappear, then lick up the crumbs. That’s another common thread – licking up the crumbs after devouring a treat. What’s up with that?

Enjoying a Jones chew, surrounded by family

Gentry was about eight months old when his mama found him at the shelter. She and the shelter people all thought he was about eight WEEKS old. Yes, he was that tiny and emaciated. But my friend says that of all the dogs in the shelter, he was the only one to come lay down with her kids instead of jump around all hyper. He’s been like that ever since, putting himself between her children and harm. The whole family seems to adore Gentry. After Gentry’s first vet visit, he put on a pound a day for a month. I think he’s probably about a hundred pounds of beauty now. And he loves Jones Pumpers. Mmmm. Pig hearts.

Happy, relaxed Chow Chow/Golden Retriever


Someone asked, last week – I believe it was Bren – what the nutritional information is for the treats. In a nutshell, here’s what Jones says about the Pumper:

Crude Protein Minimum 55%

Crude Fat Minimum 11%

Crude Fiber Max 2%

Moisture Max 15%

I also brought a Pumper to my friend’s Beagle. Well, I was going to give it to a visiting French Bulldog:

A sitting French Bulldog

But Belle the Beagle didn’t leave me any choice. She got the Pumper. It took her only slightly longer to make the pig heart disappear than it did Gentry.

Beagle makes quick work of a Jones pig heart - OM NOM NOM

Oh! One more! I responded to a Craigslist ad for a free goat feeding trough (DON’T ASK), and the guy giving it away had dogs. I was there about an hour and a half. Best Craigslist guy ever. Came home with the trough, chestnuts, a Dust Buster, and photos! Mariah, his German Shepherd, LOVED the Jones Pumper! And she’s gorgeous.


There was also Ginger, a Lab, who did not get a Pumper. She got Big Paw Jerky. And loved it. AND she got mud. All over my jeans. That’s another great thing about giving dogs treats – the souvenirs. I’m dead serious. One more tangible memory. 🙂

May I PLEASE have some more Big Paw Jerky?!?
Ginger begs for more Jones Jerky

There ya have it. The Jones Pumper. Pig hearts at their finest. All natural. 100% grown and made in the USA. What’s not to love?


And because your dog needs a Pumper or two, Jones Natural Chews is hosting a giveaway! Click this sentence to get to the giveaway post. Read the story about the tattooed nipple ring guy and his rusty unicycle. Then enter to win!

Spreading the good chews …


Today’s post is gently recycled. Your dog doesn’t mind. I checked.

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  1. The name is perfect for that treat. As for licking up the crumbs…don’t lie…don’t you eat the leftover cookie dough or cake batter when you are baking? (Don’t tell, but my mom always does.) That would be the same concept…way to tasty to waste any tiny piece.
    emma recently posted..First Snow Fun | GBGV | Monday MischiefMy Profile

  2. Wowzer isa gonna have to start learnin to sit like that frenchie bulldog…i bets i would get lots more treats…..we like chicken hearts that our momma boils for us, is that plumper the same as that or is it bigger….just askin
    stella rose

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