Leftover Friday Dog Funnies

Leftover Friday Dog Funnies

Leftover Friday Dog Funnies

It’s Friday. I have leftover dog funnies which my friends on Facebook helped create. I thought you might like to see them. Granted, they’re not cats (this is the internet, after all), but you’re all dog people or you wouldn’t be here. The star of the dog funnies show is our lovable Kato Jack and his favorite treats – Jones Natural Chews! Jump in with me. If you can think of fun captions, by all means, leave them in the comments!

The treat can't see me - Jones Natural Chews
Wrong, Kato Jack. Jones chews are a little like Santa Clause. They see you. They’re making a list, but the list is which treats you’ll like best.
Stealth mode. Treatz iz mine! Jones Natural Chews
No matter how stealthy you are, Kato Jack, you can’t sneak up on a Jones Natural Chew. See above.
To steal or not to steal - Jones Natural Chews
Paraphrasing the Bard? Stealing is always wrong. Just ask your mom, Kato Jack. She’ll give you a Big Paw Jerky.
Is that beef jerky I smell? Jones Natural Chews
Really Kato Jack? You think your mom would eat your Big Paw Jerky? Think again. And see above.
Maybe if I use the Force ... Jones Natural Chews
Good idea! Reach some cookies off the top shelf for me while you’re at it?
These ARE the treats I'm looking for - Jones Natural Chews
It worked! Great job, Kato Jack!
Be still my heart - Jones Natural Chews
You know this is what all dogs think when they lay eyes on a Jones Natural Chew.

Thank you friends who helped caption these leftover Friday dog funnies! I love taking pictures, but captions often elude me. Feel free to chime in any time!


And feel free to chime in with the giveaway! Your voice – in comment form on the giveaway post – may win your dog its very own Wuv U Treats canister from Jones Natural Chews (featured in all the above photos and filled with Big Paw Jerky and chicken taffy). Your dog is going to hone in on these treats just like Kato Jack did. And, of course, you’ll take pictures. Then you’ll create your own caption. And be an overnight internet sensation! So click this sentence, scroll down to the entry directions, and get to work! Then share this post so *I* can become an overnight internet sensation. And because you like to make your friends laugh. 🙂

Spreading the good chews …


4 thoughts on “Leftover Friday Dog Funnies

  1. when i eat something that my girls would like they cant stop kissing me. i know why, it is not because they love me.

  2. Ah yes, captioning. Always a struggle. I rank it along side losing your train of thought when you start out a post that seemed like a cool idea and then suddenly you start and bang! Ya got nothing.
    As for my caption, I’m thinking…”you ever gonna let me have that treat or do I waste away first?”

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