The L Bone from Jones Natural Chews

The L Bone from Jones Natural Chews

Did you know that it’s impossible to lick your elbow?

Great Dane loves the Jones L Bone
Harper the Great Dane is a year old and has fallen madly in love with the L Bone from Jones Natural Chews.

How many of you just tried licking your elbow? I wish I could have seen that. One of this month’s treats is the L Bone from Jones Natural Chews. Its all natural goodness is appreciated by dogs everywhere. Dogs love to lick their L Bones. Here’s what Jones has to say about the L Bone:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]When you hit your funny bone you get a funny feeling. When your dog eats this bone he will get a funny feeling of wanting more! Our L Bone is the elbow of a USA beef. It is dipped in natural liquid smoke and naturally baked for the yummiest feeling. Recommended for medium to large size dogs, approximately.

Crude protein min 21%; Crude fat min 19%; Crude fiber max 3%; Moisture max 6%[/quote]


So far the L Bone has been a big hit with the large dogs I’ve had the privilege of treating. Harper chewed on hers for the entire 45 minutes I was visiting:

A Dane with a bone
“This is my bone. Not yours. Don’t touch it. My L Bone. Shoo.”

What can I say about the L Bone? I can tell you these three things:

  • It is all natural – one hundred percent, just a bone and natural liquid smoke
  • It is grown and made in the USA – one hundred percent sourced and processed and packaged in the USA
  • It is a bone, meaning it can splinter, so please monitor your dog’s chewing as you would with ALL bones


I gave another large dog an L Bone this weekend. It was accidental, really, since I was desperate to find a home for ducklings (long story for another time). Check out Colt, the Great Pyrenees/Anatolian:

Colt the Anatolian/Great Pyrenees
Isn’t Colt a handsome brute? He’s also very shy. I had to lure him with Beef Liver Taffy.

It seems the Great Pyr/Anatolian mix is common in these parts. They’re farm dogs, working dogs, guardians of the flock. Colt’s mama has chickens and ducks and Colt does a fine job protecting them. I’m told that Colt spent two hours outside in the cold rain in one spot, chewing on the L Bone. Don’t feel sorry for him He loves that kind of weather. And he loves Jones L Bone.

Great Pyr with an L Bone
Colt explores the scent and flavor of the L Bone from Jones.

How could he not? It’s dipped in natural liquid smoke flavoring! Shoot, even my little Chewy has discovered a discarded bone from Jones (Flash and Patches aren’t bone fans) and has completely removed every trace of the liquid smoke. I guess it tastes as good as it smells.

So if you haven’t treated your dog in awhile, or if you’re looking to switch to an all natural treat without breaking the bank, or if you have a large dog that needs something new and different to chew on, give the L Bone a shot. Small pet stores and feed stores of all sizes, all over the country, carry Jones Natural Chews. If you can’t find a store near you, let me know. I’ll get to work looking. And if you can’t find them locally, there’s always Natural Dog Treat Shop. Your dog will thank you. Shoot, your dog will smile. Betcha.

Until I write again …


P.S. Check out the Pugs at Idaho Pug Ranch! They won a Braided Bully Stick last month and LOVED it!

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  1. LOL- funny you should share that about the elbow. I work at an after school daycare, and yesterday I needed to keep a group of 10 year old’s busy for a couple minutes while I finished filling out a report. So I told them it was impossible to lick their own elbow, and of course they all started trying (the entertainment factor may have negated the bid for a few minutes of peace!) Except for one boy, who watched for a split second, then said “Oh yeah? Watch!” and proceeded to lick his finger then touch his elbow. Granted, that doesn’t count, but I had to give the little snot credit, lol!

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