Kato Jack vs. Bully Basted Snorks

Kato Jack vs. Bully Basted Snorks

Kato Jack vs. Bully Basted Snorks

Y’all, sometimes the photos drive the post. When photographing Kato Jack, that’s always going to be true. THIS DOG, y’all.  And when Jones Natural Chews Bully Basted Snorks are involved, it ups the ante. Kato Jack is probably our biggest fan, and his eyes tell the story every time. Say hello to my buddy, Kato Jack.

Kato Jack - one of the many dogs of Jones Natural Chews
Kato Jack, when I told him that I didn’t bring him any treats. Heh.

Kato Jack pretty regularly gets Jones Natural Chews. His mama buys them at the local feed store, either Atwoods or Southern Ag. He’s one lucky dog. But I like to try out our new treats on him, see what he thinks. Having a box of Bully Basted Snorks, I needed a dog. He volunteered.

Kato Jack - one of the many dogs of Jones Natural Chews - meets a Bully Basted Snork
Kato Jack meets the Bully Basted Snork

Do Real Dogs Like Bully Basted Snorks?

Bully Basted means that the Snork, or pig snout, was basted in bully stick broth. If you don’t know what a bully stick is, see this post. What it actually means is that the Snork is basted in PURE DELICIOUSNESS. Don’t believe me? Ask Kato Jack. He’ll give you a straight answer you can trust.

Bully Basted Snorks from Jones Natural Chews - Treat your dog to happiness
What you can’t tell here is that I have to hold on tight to the Snork in order to get photos. Dogs snatch these things out of my hand so quickly! One of the reasons why Kato Jack had multiple Bully Basted Snorks this day.

Oh alright. He might be just a little biased. Seeing as how he’s our biggest fan and all. And y’all, I lost track of how many Bully Basted Snorks he ate while I was there. Usually I don’t let dogs eat very many, since they’re treats, not food. My mantra is always Just a little, never a lot. But those eyes. I can’t say no to those eyes. *sigh*


It’s a good think Kato Jack got plenty of Bully Basted Snorks while I was there. He’d be pretty upset if he found out I was giving away his treats. And yes! Some lucky dog is going to win their very own Bully Basted Snorks from Jones Natural Chews!

"I want the Snork that's on this table and I want it in my mouth now.:
“I want the Snork that’s on this table and I want it in my mouth now.”

I can’t promise that I’ll bring it to you and take your dog’s photo. Man, wouldn’t that be fun? Just traveling all over the country and giving dogs Jones Natural Chews, taking their photos, putting them on the blog … someone needs to petition Jones to pay me to do only that. 😉 Until then, Jones will mail Bully Basted Snorks to the winner, and you’re welcome to take photos of your dog eating them, then blog or Instagram about it. I’d love to see the photos and share them!

So how do you enter to win? Simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which will open, click the giveaway box and click I Commented! Easy as that. If you really want to make your dog smile (and I know you do), do the other stuff in that box, like tweet and follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts. It adds up, making your chances of winning better. Which makes for happy dogs. And Kato Jack won’t care. He’s already had his treats. Now go get yours!

Spreading the good chews …


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