Journeys of Discovery

Journeys of Discovery

Journeys of Discovery

Journeys of discovery begin with stories. Stories begat questions. Questions begat stories. I have stories which spawn questions I’m hoping you all can help answer. Though I was told this week that good questions have no answers. They merely set us on journeys of discovery which last a lifetime.

Blah, blah, blah. This story is about a dog who acts like a three year old. If it’s a lifetime journey, I’m in big trouble.

Colored Pencil Australian Shepherd
My favorite of my mom’s art work, done in colored pencil. Clee-o was a handsome dog. She loved Jones Natural Chews pig ears.

Our first Aussie, Clee-o, was the smartest dog I’ve ever owned. She learned quickly. She was smarter than me in some ways. And boy howdy was she sneaky! Clee-o loved the cats’ Meow Mix and would eat it every chance she got. We did everything we could think of to get her to stop. Just when I’d think she was no longer eating the cat food, I’d find that she was being sneaky about it.

Finally, when she was about ten years old, Clee-o figured out that if she waited for us to go to sleep, she could sneak into the kitchen and eat the cat food. I’d be nearly asleep and hear her chomping down on cat food. Stinker.

She got in trouble for sneaking out to eat the food, so she got even sneakier. Clee-o would wait until we were asleep and would sneak into the kitchen and eat in stealth mode. Seriously. I caught her eating one morsel at a time. No greedy gulp and noisy chew. Silently picking up a piece at a time.

We never did get her to stop eating the cat food.

All Aussies Aren’t Created Equal

Flash and Patches don’t care about cat food either way. They’ll eat it, but this house has a pantry with a door, so the cat food lives in there and the cat just meows when it’s hungry. Works great. But that’s not our sneaky problem. Oh no.

Patches want to be on the Pawer Women list for Fidose of Reality. She swears she inspires dogs everywhere. in her journeys of discovery

Patches, almost from the beginning, doesn’t come in when I call her. She’ll come in for everyone else, just not for mom. Does your dog do this? She hides around the corner, thinking if I can’t see her, I won’t realize she’s not coming in. I have to walk out and around the corner.

Sometimes Patches will be standing in the middle of the yard, has had plenty of time to do her business, but as soon as I call her, she looks at me and starts to poop. She takes FOREVER, as if to say, “Go back in, Mom. I’ll let you know when I’m done.” Or, “I can’t believe you would interrupt something so important. Do you MIND?”

I swear, she’s like a toddler.

I bring this up because this morning she dragged it on for an eternity. Because I dumped out a container of Christmas soup out in the back corner of the yard and she wanted to eat that soup.

Ordinarily I don’t mind if the dogs get some leftovers. They eat dog food about 90% of the time, so I’m okay with it. But the Christmas soup is a sauerkraut soup. And we don’t have a dog door. Believe me when I say that Christmas soup will NOT contribute to constipation. And the last thing I need is a dog using my bedroom carpet as a toilet in the middle of the night.

Y’all, how on earth do I deal with my dog who acts like a three year old child? Please, someone tell me that you have this behavior figured out. I wind up angry at a dog, for Pete’s sake.

I’m not a big fan of journeys of discovery. (This post has been gently recycled, but Patches, at nearly 15 years old, still does this)

Discovering a Giveaway

Speaking of a journey of discovery, come discover Jones Natural Chews center bones! We’re giving one lucky dog this all natural beef bone. Dogs know the difference. They totally get that Jones doesn’t add ingredients. They get the meaty bits clinging to that bone. Enter now by clicking this sentence, then scrolling to the bottom of the new post and commenting, following the instructions in the box. Your dog will thank you.

Spreading the good chews …


7 thoughts on “Journeys of Discovery

  1. Petey! He’s gorgeous!!!

    Blueberry can be that way sometimes too. Although she doesn’t show sass by pooping. That’s hilarious. What I have started doing is treating Blueberry when she comes to me. It can be a long, slow process, but I am sure Patches could learn it in no time. Just show her that coming inside is more fun than being outside and you’ll win her over!
    Blueberry’s human recently posted..Duck Poop ParkMy Profile

    • I’ll try. She’s so ornery this way. Maybe Jones Chews are what will do the trick. My husband says she doesn’t come because she knows I’m angry. I try being sweet. Honestly, she ignores me! Treats it is. Thanks!
      Flea recently posted..Journeys of DiscoveryMy Profile

  2. No help here! Kirby loves catfood so I keep their bowl on the kitchen counter where no human food is allowed! When Kirby doesn’t want to come in I go inside, shut the door and turn off the light. He’s always scratching at the door in like two seconds.

    Petey is a beauty. Too bad thanks to Alfred Hitchcock birds scare me.
    Kirby the Dorkie recently posted..Sure Fit Pet CoverMy Profile

    • Kirby, I turn out the light, lock the door – she doesn’t care! Patches loves being outside. That’s where the chicken and duck poo live. And cat tootsie rolls. And the little rabbits who live in the brush in the corner. And probably mice and other critters I don’t know about. I pretty much have to turn off all the lights in the house at night and wait until she barks to be let in. I think I’m going to try bribing her, Like Blueberry’s Human recommended.

      So sad that Hitchcock so strongly effected your reaction to birds. 🙂 You’d really like Petey. He’s a soft, sweet duck.
      Flea recently posted..Journeys of DiscoveryMy Profile

  3. At training they suggest uou chain the dog and stay out. Then when you say come you pull the dog to you and give praise and reward. Keep this up until you dont have to pull the dog yo you and they come on their own it takes at least two weeks

  4. Petey is beautiful! Now you know for certain he’s a boy. All dogs have their little quirks. I think, and many other people think, I have such well-behaved dogs. But they do have their problems. Maya kept steeling food from our garden this year. She pulled up all the cabbages and some broccoli and stole several cherry tomatoes. Pierson likes to eat Maya’s poop. I have not been able to train him to stop. The only solution has been to pick up Maya’s poop as soon as possible. BTW, when Pierson pulls the stunt of pretending not to hear me when I call him back into the house, I yell out the door that I am going to give Maya all his cookies. Works every time.
    Dawn recently posted..Welcome the New Ruff Rider Roadie Dog Car HarnessMy Profile

  5. {Smirk} Sorry, couldn’t help laughing at your story. There’s something about female dogs that makes ’em stealthy for some reason. Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of preserving the line. Whatever. All the females I’ve had over the last 20 years have been sneaky and clever. Playing head games with a dog who wins most of the time doesn’t do a lot for one’s self-esteem.

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