Those Ice Blue Eyes

Those Ice Blue Eyes

Those Ice Blue Eyes

They captivate me, those ice blue eyes. I’m talking about Waya, the beautiful dog I brought treats to last week. Say hello to Waya and the large Strap Stick.

Waya and her ice blue eyes, chomping a Strap Stick from Jones Natural Chews
Waya used her Large Strap Stick like a toy, but eventually settled down to chew.

It’s Wordless Wedneday over at BlogPaws (join the blog hop), but you know I’m never wordless. I do try to take advantage of the opportunity to better show off pretty dogs like Waya on Wednesdays. Her ice blue eyes are my undoing. How could they not be? These aren’t the eyes of an ice cold killer. They’re the eyes of an adoring dog in a great home.

Waya and her ice blue eyes, chomping a Strap Stick from Jones Natural Chews
They’re also the eyes of a dog who can’t leave this Strap Stick alone.


Mutts Are Beautiful, Too

Waya is obviously not a pure bred. Nonetheless, she’s gorgeous, healthy and sweet. And those ice blue eyes, y’all … I love them! She’s everything a dog can and should be. Well behaved, housebroken, protective, loving. And she loves Jones Natural Chews. Well, that last? Dogs just can’t help that, regardless of breed or disposition. 😉

Waya and her ice blue eyes, chomping a Strap Stick from Jones Natural Chews
Even looking down, I can see her ice blue eyes. Barely.

Speaking of mutts, Waya has a foster brother in need of a home. Sirius Black is housebroken, great with other animals and people, and is young. Full of energy. But he’s been trained to be calm inside the house. The best dog you’d ever want to meet. Take a look.

Sit, Sirius! Sirius Black is up for adoption. Young, energetic, housebroken, well trained and loving.
Sit, Sirius! Look how well trained he is!

Adopt him. Someone. He needs an active family. A happy family. And lots of Jones Natural Chews. That last is a given. In fact, you adopt Sirius and I’ll bring you the Jones chews. Promise.


And speaking of giving away treats, Jones is currently hosting a Strap Stick giveaway. Some lucky dog will win its very own Strap Sticks! Will it be your dog? I don’t know! But it could be. It should be, dang it! Your dog deserves the best, and Jones is the best. So enter the giveaway, will ya? It’s as easy as clicking this sentence, scrolling down in the contest post, clicking the box and following the simple instructions. That means leaving a comment and clicking Yes, I commented. But you’ll want to be tweeting about it every day if you’re serious about winning. Tweeters are winners more often than not. Shoot, just follow our Twitter page while you’re at it. Your dog will thank you.

And that’s a wrap! Your day is laid out, yes? Enter the contest. Tweet about it. Adopt Sirius Black. Couldn’t be any simpler! Oh, and give your dog some Jones Natural Chews.

Spreading the good chews …


7 thoughts on “Those Ice Blue Eyes

  1. Waya does have pretty eyes! They are the color of my water bowl, which I like very much. Bessie, my Basset minion says, “Woof Woof!” She means, that those chewies look yummy! Mew Mew! We hope Sirius finds a forever home. What a great name has he!

  2. what beautiful blue eyes. he must have some husky in him. i wish i had the money to adopt lots of dogs and other animals. i have the room but not the money.

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