I Worry About My Dogs

I Worry About My Dogs

I Worry About My Dogs

I worry about my dogs. Don’t you? I have four dogs. Two are 15 years old and Aussie mixes, and two are young lapdogs. They’re all cute. Don’t all moms think their children are cute? Alright, I’ll be honest – the most photogenic dog is ugly, poor dear. I don’t worry about him as much. Say hi to ugly Gadget.

I worry about my dogs, but not this ugly one

In real life he’s ugly. Trust me.

Why am I worrying? I worry about my dogs today, specifically, because I’m heading out for a four day weekend with friends. Hunny will be home, but he’ll be at work today and Monday. My daughter will be here all weekend, but trusting her to let them out is a little precarious. And there’s no lap for the lapdogs for four whole days. Whatever will they do?

Friday Funny Flea-ism
Huh. It was a heck of a lot funnier at eleven at night in the dark.

Seriously, though, my Hunny took stellar care of me for an entire year while I battled cancer. He also took great care of all of the animals. All of them. I know I can trust him for a long weekend. But still, I worry about my dogs.

Other Reasons to Worry

I worry in general, too. Three reasons specific to me and my dogs.

  1. Flash and Patches are old. Anything could happen to them at any time. Sure, they’re healthy for 15, but they’ve slowed down dramatically the last two years. Especially the last year when I slowed down. It’s progressive, and it makes me sad. I worry that one morning I’ll wake up and they won’t.
  2. I worry about traffic. We have a six foot privacy fence, but the wind here in Oklahoma blows the gate open regularly. I’m always chasing at least one dog down the street.
  3. I worry that Gadget isn’t pooping enough. Crazy, huh? All his surgery and what not make him susceptible to being constipated, which could kill him. Poor, ugly baby.

Weird reasons that I worry about my dogs. But valid.

Lap dogs need not apply, www.JonesNaturalChews.net

Health Update

I worry about me, too. It’s been awhile since I’ve given y’all a post-cancer update. Did I tell you that the CT scan came back clear? The things which the doctors hinted might have caused my cancer are being taken care of. My thyroid is under control. I’m losing weight. And my hair is growing back. Slowly. I’d really like it shoulder length yesterday.

The neuropathy is what bothers me most at this point. My feet improve just a slight bit every day, I think. I’m up and about more. I do more. But they still tingle and hurt. My balance is off. I can’t feel things with them the way I used to, so I don’t always know when I step on something, while at the same time they’re hyper sensitive. It’s crazy. But they do improve. So I worry about me. About the long term ramifications. Otherwise, I’m doing really well. Thanks for asking. ๐Ÿ™‚


And even though I worry, like most moms do, my dogs really are fine. In fact, pre-trip, the lapdogs are sound asleep on my lap right now. You’re probably asking yourself how I type with two dogs in my lap. Awkwardly, that’s how. But all I have to do is say one word and they’re up. Treat. And they trust me to only give them one brand (spoiled creatures won’t eat any other brand) – Jones Natural Chews.

Right now we have a Jones Natural Chews giveaway happening. Some lucky dog – it may be yours – will win chicken and duck feet, the latest treats from Jones. Your dog is salivating right now just thinking about it. So enter for your dog, will you? Simply click this sentence, scroll to the bottom of the new page, leave a comment, then click the entry box and tell it that you commented. There’s more to do if you’d really like to increase your chances, but the box will tell you what to do. You’ve got this. Your dog is counting on it!

Spreading the good chews …


8 thoughts on “I Worry About My Dogs

  1. Oh, I can relate to the worrying. I’ve always been a worrier. It’s hard not to worry as your pups get older. But, heck, none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow, so we all have to make the most of today. (Especially hard not to worry today though as Rita is having a mast cell growth removed even as I type… Hopefully we’ll get good news when we get the biopsy results back next week. Hard not to worry after our last two dogs dying from cancer though… Still, fingers and paws crossed. It was a VERY tiny spot, so I’m hoping that’s a good thing.)

    That’s great that your CT scan was clear! Sorry about the feet – that doesn’t sound like fun. But glad to hear they are slowly improving. Sending good thoughts your way.

    Rita is super fussy and mostly only likes meaty treats so I’ll let more appreciative pups enter the giveaway! Good luck to all who enter!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Rita: “I Can See the Mother Country from Here!”My Profile

  2. I always worry about Bentley and Pierre. They will be staying at the pet resort for a few days and I will fret until we can get them home. I’m glad that you are doing so much better โ™ฅ Have a safe trip!
    M. K. Clinton recently posted..Reasons for SmilesMy Profile

  3. So happy to read that your CT scan was negative…and that the neuropathy is improving, even if it is slowly…any improvement is good improvement!

    I hope you find a way to clear your mind, don’t worry to much, and have a good time! Maybe you can bungee that gate, so you at least have one less thing to think about!
    Donna recently posted..Another Sad AnnouncementMy Profile

  4. i always worry abt my dogs. i hire a pet sitter when i have to go away for a few hours b/c of my oldest. i dont leave the house much b/c of her. i have had a major scare these past few days. she has terminal cancer and has been on a new drug, not chemo, Palladia. she was doing ok for the past month, til a few days ago. she would not eat, her dementia has gotten worse, so has her eyesight. i have to hand feed her. she lost her appetite. finally got her to eat yesterday but at 2am this am, i found her wandering, vomit everywhere. thank goodness i put tarps down in my bedroom. but i still had a mess to clean up. i had called the er vet at the cancer clinic, but no answer. this am i called again, finally someone called back. no palladia for a few days. she did eat this am, had to feed her though, she was more active today and much better after eating. i was thinking this was it. i had another appmt w/ my reg vet but cancelled b/c i was trying to see the cancer dr. i am very worried b/c i have to go to court next wk, my older brother is suing me again, nothing knew, he is a real piece of work, wont go into details but he is crazy and that is the opinion of many who know him. i have to go to court over 3 hrs away, and 3 hrs back. i wont spend the nite b/c i dont like to be away from her or my other 2 gals. my middle child had surgery last wk. she had a cyst and fatty tumor removed. have to go back to Greensboro, 190 miles the day b4 i have to drive to VA. she has to have her stitches out. i would be worried too. however, at least you have people that are family and know your kids (dogs) and know how to care for them. i am using a new person b/c my reg pet sitter was already booked a month ago b/c it is easter wkend. so not only have i got the stress of going to court w/out an atty, could not afford one, have to worry abt my girls as well. it is a long drive and driving to Richmond area is a mess on Fridays. have fun and enjoy! you deserve it! i am glad that you feel well enough to go away with your friends for a few days and have some fun. i am sure they feelings in your feet will eventually come back, your hair is coming back, you are losing weight. it just takes time. just take care of yourself and dont wear yourself out or eat anything you are not supposed to.

  5. Hope all your worries were for nothing and you had a great time away and the critters all good.

  6. Glad to hear you’re improving. The fact that you are improving even if in small segments is good news. All mom’s share worry about their fur-kids. They are in good hands, just not yours. Enjoy your get-away and have fun with friends.

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