Hounds and Hens

Hounds and Hens

Happy Wordless Wednesday! This weekend I traded one chick for two. Constance was the size of the other four chicks combined (she’s a broiler chick), so I met up with another chicken person and traded off. This chicken person had full grown beauties in her yard.

Handsome backyard rooster
Oh! This isn’t a hen. This is a rooster! What a handsome boy he is.

And dogs! Five dogs. I didn’t catch their names. Y’all saw Disapproving Poodle yesterday. Let’s say hi to the others today.

A mottled hound
This mottled hound was checking out the baby chicks in the kitchen.
Spotted tripawd
This adorable tripawd is missing a hind leg. It followed us everywhere we went. And LOVED butt scritches.
Farm dog
All five of their dogs are rescue dogs, and all five very sweet. This handsome creature kept its distance, busy with life on an urban farm.

I brought a bag of treats for the dogs. The chicken friend gave them bits of Wheezer Sticks and the dogs were all about the treats. They were immediately all my best friends. I told the woman about the Chicken Liver Taffy and how much hens love it. See?

She totally got where I was coming from.

And I totally got some adorable chicks. I love this one, who doesn’t yet have a name.

Hangin' six
Remind me to shop at Big Lots more often for chicken props.

So if you’re out and about this weekend, stop in at your local feed store and look at chicks and ducklings. Then look for some Jones Natural Chews. Don’t see ’em? Ask someone. The packaging is pretty distinct.

Bag full of Beef Hooves
That purple and yellow are totally Jones. And speaking of Hooves, my dogs found a Hoof I thought was gone. They’ve been chewing it like crazy the last three days. I walk into a room and wonder who lost control of their bodily functions and why I have to clean up after them. Then realize it’s the Hoof I smell. They fight over it, sneak it from room to room, swipe it from each other. It’s half its original size or less. Dogs just love a Beef Hoof from Jones.

And don’t forget to Like our FaceCrack page! I post daily chick watches there. Cute chicks – who wants to miss that?!

Until I write again …


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