Hoof – Best Dog Chew EVER

Hoof – Best Dog Chew EVER

Hoof – Best Dog Chew EVER

Today we revisit the most popular post of 2013. Heavens to mergatroid – the stinky cow toenail was the best post? Dogs know best, though, and they LOVE the Hoof!

I kid you not. The Hoof is the best dog chew ever. EVER. It’s a renowned dog favorite. Have you been looking for the best dog chew ever? One that’s not a bone, but not quickly consumed like a jerky or a bully stick? A chew which will keep your dog busy for hours, maybe days? The Hoof will be your dog’s all-time favorite chew.

Jones Hooves - best dog chew ever
Jones Hooves are a huge hit with dogs! Great for gnawing (dental health), and easy to carry around, there’s a lot to love about the hoof!

My dogs love the Hoof. Every dog I’ve given one to has taken to the Hoof, hiding themselves and their hooves in dark corners of the house. Stealthily sneaking back into the room to gnaw the Hoof near mom or dad, the dog gnaws contentedly for hours. Here’s what Jones has to say about the Hoof, the best dog chew ever:

Let your dog go crazy over this hoof because it is a great source of protein and they will love every chew of it. This is one of our most popular treats because your dog finds them so irresistible and will give them hours of gnawing time. Hooves are USA beef toenail and have been thoroughly cleaned and backed to their finest. Dog chew for all size dogs.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know about the Hoof:

  • Hoof is not a bone, it’s a toenail, meaning hardened cartilage
  • The beauty of the Hoof is that the hardened cartilage, or keratin, softens when it is wet, unlike bone, so the more your dog gnaws, the more the dog’s saliva will make the Hoof a yummy mess, not a splintering danger
  • Hoof is not very large, so please, continue to monitor your dog’s gnawing and chewing habits
  • The Hoof is “empty”, meaning you can fill the cavity with something yummy, like peanut butter or pumpkin – but that’s not necessary, because your dog will like the Hoof all by itself
  • The Hoof is a TREAT, not FOOD – do not give dog treats to your dog on an empty stomach, but as a reward, and in small doses (this is true of ALL dog treats, not just the Hoof)
  • Hoof stinks when activated, or chewed, and it stinks BAD, like butt, which is probably one of the reasons dogs love it so much


Seriously. Hooves reek. My Patches will hide hers, then get it out at bedtime and slink behind me into the bedroom with it in her mouth. About five minutes later, once she’s been chewing hard, we smell it. She won’t give up the Hoof for anything, so I march her into the bathroom and shut the door. She hates sleeping in the bathroom, but she really hates giving up her Hoof. *sigh*

Last week I gave a Hoof to this little cutie, Frankie.

Handsome Yorkie
Frankie, the Yorkie, loved his Hoof. I think. He disappeared with it and was never heard from again.

He disappeared and I never saw him again. In my opinion, the Hoof is the perfect size treat for the small to medium size dog, but especially the small dog. Your challenge, if you have a small dog, is keeping the lap dog from bringing the Hoof into your lap and chewing.

Where to Find Them

Y’all can believe me or not. I’d like to hear your Hoof stories. Sadly, Kirby, our treat winner this month, chose the Jampacked Jawzers, so we won’t be hearing back from his mama about the smell. Just the nommy taste of the Jawzer.

Jones is sold all over the country. If you can’t find it where you are, drop me a line and I’ll do my best to locate a store near you. Otherwise, my favorite Suzy now has an online store which offers all of the Jones products, called Natural Dog Treat Shop. Very appropriate, since all Jones Natural Chews are 100% all-natural and 100% made in the USA!

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Spreading the good chews …


28 thoughts on “Hoof – Best Dog Chew EVER

  1. This is really just as gross as my crunchy duck feet 😉 and the duck feet don’t smell! LOL! The dogs love them so it doesn’t bother me, they just have to enjoy them outdoors! I probably have a high tolerance for gross….I feed my guys raw tripe. Now there’s a truly STINKY food!
    Taryn recently posted..Tasty Tuesday: Snap, Crackle, and Pop! …..My Profile

  2. I know dogs love hooves because I grew up on a farm with horses and dogs. After the ferrier was there, the dogs were in heaven! I even used to pick them up once in a while and bring them home to our dogs after I’d been there. Sadly, there are no more horses and my dad will be selling the farm in a few months. I guess we’ll have to start resorting to buying them!
    houndstooth recently posted..Cloud Star Dynamo Dog Treats Are A TreatMy Profile

  3. Hmmm. I do want to find something for her to chew – that, like you said, lasts longer than a bully stick, but isn’t as worrisome as a bone – but I have a very sensitive sense of smell. Maybe I’ll get her one – but make her enjoy it outside!

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll look for a hoof for Rita!

  4. i used to try to feed hoofs to my girls, but they never really liked them. so i gave them away to my breeder.

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