Heartbreaker, Dream Maker – Pork Dog Treats

Heartbreaker, Dream Maker – Pork Dog Treats

Heartbreaker … Pork Dog Treats

Our Tuesday giveaway is the Heartbreaker from Jones Natural Chews. I can’t get the Pat Benatar song out of my head when I treat dogs to these, so I thought I’d share the ear worm while talking about these incredible treats. You might as well have it stuck in your head today, too. Click this sentence if you want to relive a little part of my teen years. Got it? Good. Let’s take a look at the Heartbreaker, pork dog treats (heart strips) which drive dogs to distraction.

Jones Natural Chews Heartbreaker drives dogs to distraction - pork dog treats for good dogs
Heartbreaker, Dream Maker, Love Taker – treat your dog to happiness with these pork heart strips from Jones Natural Chews

The Heartbreakers come in a pack with several treats, so it’s perfect for multiple dogs, or it will last awhile for a single dog. I took a pack of them to visit Lady Shasta and Miss Maizie this weekend. Lady Shasta is older and knows a good thing when she smells it. She devoured hers in a couple of minutes.

Lady Shasta takes a Heartbreaker from Jones Natural Chews
Lady Shasta, of the BeagleBratz, takes a Jones Natural Chew and devours it

Dream Maker …

Miss Maizie, on the other hand, is still young – I think her first birthday is this week – and was distracted by the other treats I brought (both dogs got the Bully n Beef Wraps, and it was Maizie’s favorite). Lady Shasta knows to eat what’s in front of her while the eatin’s good, but Miss Maizie has yet to learn this lesson.

Miss Maizie takes a Heartbreaker from Jones Natural Chews - treat your dog to happiness
Miss Maizie thinks treats grow on trees. Lady Shasta will teach her this isn’t so. Besides – the best treats come from farm animals.

At this tender age, Miss Maizie is still learning the ropes when it comes to the good treats, and Jones Natural Chews are certainly the good treats. This pork heart strip is a single ingredient treat from an American pig. All natural, all US grown and produced. Hence the Dream Maker quality – Miss Maizie is learning what to dream of and long for. Jones, naturally.

Love Taker …

The truly heartbreaking part of this story is that Lady Shasta, who knows the best treats when she gets them, took advantage of a young dog’s easily distracted nature and stole Miss Maizie’s Heartbreaker. I was laughing too hard to take pictures, and their mama, Kim, was chasing Lady Shasta around the room, while Miss Maizie chased both of them. I know I shouldn’t laugh. But it was pretty hilarious. Lady Shasta played the role of Love Taker, stealing Miss Maizie’s new found love.

Beagles and pork go naturally together - treat your dog to happiness with Jones Natural Chews' Heartbreakers
Beagles know a good thing when they sniff it – Jones Natural Chews Heartbreakers are a good thing


Your dog wants these delectable treats. Don’t deny it. You want to make your dog smile. How do you get your paws on some? Well, you can go to your closest pet or feed store and look for them (our store locator is found by clicking this link), or you can order them online (click here), or you can enter our giveaway! Personally, I wouldn’t rely on the giveaway, since only one of you is going to win, but I’d sure as heck enter, since one of you is going to win!

Entering is easy. See that box just below this paragraph? Click it. Leave a comment on this post, then click that box. It’ll tell you everything you need to know. And I strongly suggest you tweet about the contest every day using that box. It’s magical. Most of our winners have been tweets. 😉

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Now go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew! Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. What makes my dog happiest, is spending time with the family and running around with the kids.

  2. My Boston Terrier is happiest when I’m interacting with him. Food is a close second, depends on the food.

  3. Yep, Lady Shasta & Miss Maizie are definitely happiest when I am somehow interacting with them whether it just be talking happily to them or playing or outside with them and especially when I am feeding them – their 2nd happiest thing.
    Kim Brooks recently posted..So WTD!My Profile

  4. Oh throwing the tennis ball in the yard for him to go and get. Oh he would do it all day if he could. Loves chasing those tennis balls!

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