Have You Entered the Goofy Dog Contest?

Have You Entered the Goofy Dog Contest?

Well? Have you entered the Goofy Dog Contest? We have a handful of entries – some really fun photos of goofy dogs – but the deadline is Wednesday. Get crackin’!

Have you entered the Goofy Dog Contest yet?
Silly Flash – Chickens are friends, not food!

A quick review of the guidelines for entry:

  • You can email your goofy dog photo to flea at jonesnaturalchews dot com, as well as leave a comment here – I’ll post the photos I receive here next Thursday
  • You can post a photo of your goofy dog on your blog, then leave a comment here letting me know to come look – I’ll post links to all these posts next Thursday


And the tasty treat your goofy dog could win? Why, a Jones Natural Chew of your choosing, of course! I know that if my fur babies could enter, they would choose a saddle knuckle. Or a Slammer Bone, with meaty chunks all over it! Flash is drooling right now,  just thinking about the all natural dog treat goodness. Ooooo – or maybe a smoked pig ear. Flash and Patches both LOVE pig ears. The choices are tough, people, but you know your baby wants one.

Now don’t tell me that you don’t have any goofy dog photos. Every dog lover has them. You know you do. Feel free to watermark your photo. I’ll most definitely link back to your blog. But whatever you do, ENTER THE GOOFY DOG CONTEST!

Here – I’ll show you a mediocre goofy dog photo that I took. You ready? I’m not asking for much, as you’ll see:

Lou is an alien cat
Oh wait …

Um, that’s not a goofy dog photo. That’s my cat, Lou. I have no idea how that got there. Let me try again …

Ginger's rear end
This is NOT a goofy dog photo

No, no, no. This is definitely not a goofy dog photo. That’s Ginger’s rear end. Always good for the “Say what? Chicken butt!”  joke, but still not a dog.

Unless he's not
Fer cryin’ out loud …

We’re just never going to get a good dog photo, are we? One last time and let’s see if I can’t get it right …

Bella is a goofy dog
There we go! A goofy dog shot.

And there ya go. I know a little three year old foster girl who thinks this photo is the funniest thing she’s ever seen. Which isn’t saying much, so I expect to see entries just ROLLING in. Your deadline is Wednesday at midnight!

Until I write again …


Tater Bottoms
Say what? Tater butt!

Does this post count as Monday Mischief? Why yes! Yes, I think it does. 🙂

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  1. Finally I can get in and comment! I have been trying for days but couldn’t get through the Anti-Spam! I think it might be due to my browser., but I have been coming by and visiting!
    Those are some goofy photos!

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