Happy Frenchies, FBM 209

Happy Frenchies, FBM 209

Happy Frenchies

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Happy Frenchies are on the docket today. These clownish little dogs, with their giant ears and smooshed faces, make people smile. What French Bulldog wouldn’t make us smile? So happy Frenchies it is. We’ll start with an adorable compilation of Frenchies.

Our next happy Frenchies video made the cut because it made me smile. There’s no sound at all in the first half of the video, but it’s the cutest thing ever. Take a look.

My question for our next video is this – does the dog have a neurological condition, or is it dancing? You decide.

Last, our happy Frenchies as puppies will make you smile. The little barks and growls are just precious. And one crying puppy had my Chewy very worried for a moment.

Do me a favor and visit my friend Karen’s place? Her Frenchie, Louie, is our featured photo today. She has super cool gear for Frenchies and other dogs. Louie is also a big fan of Jones Natural Chews. Naturally. Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure the Lamb Lung Puffs are his favorite treats.


Now for the announcement you’ve all awaited with bated breath – the winner of the Jones Natural Chews Natural Center Bone! Is there a better bone? I think not! And the lucky dog who’s getting this bone in the mail sometime very soon?

Derek Durst! Congratulations, Derek. Your sweet pooch gets to pick the size bone she wants. That oughta make her smile! Hopefully you can also find a shop in your area which carries Jones, since your dog will beg for Jones forever after she’s had a taste. Our store locator will help with the finding of one. You’re welcome. 😉

Now go! Get some Jones Natural Chews for your dog. Visit our Facebook page. And smile! It’s Monday!

Spreading the good chews …


4 thoughts on “Happy Frenchies, FBM 209

  1. I love Frenchies and my Bosses have one called Quassi, he is adorable. The video brought smiles to my face, as those eyes are worth a million dollars,

    Congratulations to Derek for winning, his dog Aura is a friend of Layla’s and we all go to the same dog park, awesome pawsome.

    Have a great Monday with a woof from Layla

  2. I am the winner of Jones Natural Chews for my pup AURA! Thank you Flea…How do I go about claiming this? AURA also known as the little piranha! is small..8lbs. but all chew! My specs: Derek Durst
    575 Duboce Ave.
    San Francisco, CA 94117

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