Grow Your Own Food

Grow Your Own Food

Grow Your Own Food

Happy Wordless Wednesday! We at Jones Natural Chews produce and sell all natural dog treats. They’re almost entirely meat, from American farm critters. But since my cancer treatment, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I put in my body. I appreciate Jones more every day. And I appreciate my Hunny more every day. He’s the gardener in our home. He knows what’s growing in our yard. And now I ask, do you grow your own food?

Mama and baby Muscovy ducks - grow your own food
Are there ducks in your yard? I sure hope so. There’s not much cuter than ducklings waddling around the yard! These Muscovies are great meat producers.

Why? We’ve become fast friends with some homesteaders, people who are self-sufficient, eating almost entirely what they grow. They make their own bread. They sweeten their food with honey from their own bee hives.

What's in your garden? Is it bees?

The meat on their table is always from their own livestock. You can grow your own food, but livestock takes space, time and work.

Farming life is all about feeding yourselves

And their milk is always from their own goats.

The sweet potatoes – oh my, the sweet potatoes! And the beans! And peppers. And okra. Man alive, do they ever turn out amazing produce.

Great Pyrenees in the vegetable garden
Yanna! Get out of the garden! Great Pyrenees are supposed to guard the flock, not sleep in the garden. Or maybe this is the dog produce patch …

So Hunny and I have been asking ourselves what we should grow, what’s best for our health. I’m asking the question, what can we grow which we can supplement the dogs’ diet with? And I’m asking you, do you grow your own food? Do you garden? Do you know where your food comes from? Do you know where your dog’s food comes from? Where the treats come from? I know one thing for sure – if you give your dog Jones Natural Chews, you’ll always know that the treats come from American farms and ranches.

Our Own Garden

Garden in winter/moving a shed
What’s that truck doing there?! Our garden is a mess right now.

Our own garden was sorely neglected last year. Hunny grows asparagus, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, herbs, pears, apples, okra and greens. The dogs occasionally tuck into the tomatoes. I know that sweet potatoes are good for them. So this year I’m asking myself what we can grow to supplement the dogs’ food, as well, as well as what would be healthiest for us to eat all year. Can we even grow enough food for more than the occasional side dish? Is it worth the time and money to do? I think the answer to the last two questions is yes. And I’ll let you know once Hunny settles on what to grow. So far he’s only put in some garlic and onions. We’re a little late getting started. Thanks, Cancer.


I wish I could give away some of my produce to y’all. As it is, I give away eggs all the time. Our hens are laying like crazy. Instead (and so much the better for y’all), Jones Natural Chews is giving some lucky dog a giant knuckle bone! It’s a pretty amazing chew. Covered in meaty bits, your dog will practically swoon! And all you have to do to enter to win is click on this sentence, scroll down in the new window, and click the box at the bottom then follow the instructions in it. Easy as can be. Gardening? That’s not so easy. Knowing where your food comes from? That’s priceless.

Go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew! You can at least rest easy knowing where your dog’s treats come from.

Spreading the good chews …


8 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Food

  1. I used to have a garden then I got more dogs and got involved in more dog events and my garden turned into weeds. I do like fresh produce so I guess I will just get mine from the local farmers.

  2. I love to garden! Now that I’ve moved back to NY from Phoenix I can garden again. I won’t need a pixaxe just to plant a Petunia! I’ll grow tomatoes, herbs, & broccoli. Spring is almost here! I believe strongly that what we eat impacts our health significantly. I know you’ve had a rough year, cancer sucks. Plain & simple.
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  3. Those are hard questions to answer. Much depends on soil and sunlight. At one point, hubby and I grew many things. Pumpkins, squash, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Plus herbs galore. But we also live in the breadbasket part of Oregon, and we’re surrounded by organic farmers who sell delicious produce at very low prices in the Saturday farmer’s markets. We found we could save money (and water) by just buying from them. So now we keep on with the herbs and the berries. But the rest? We get from farmers.

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie

  4. I didn’t plant as much the last two years as I usually do, but I plan to do a lot more this year (we support our local farmers when we don’t plant our own). Plus we’re getting chickens so we can have our own fresh eggs.
    Kale is something I did grow last year, and that is healthy for both humans and dogs, and I grew some herbs as well that are dog friendly (basil, parsley, rosemary).
    Our Lab mix Luke LOVES green beans and carrots, so those are first on the list for this year!
    Jan K recently posted..“The Other End of the Leash” #PetPhotographyChallengeMy Profile

  5. i try to grow some fruits and veggies but the rabbits and the deer get them. so i just try to grow in small pots on my deck, herbs, grape tomatoes, hot peppers to put on the plants to keep the deer and rabbits away. i have grown watermelon, squash, cantaloupes, etc. in the past. the deer will eat anything if they are hungry, i have tried everything. they even come up to my deck at night, i can hear them. the neighbors had chickens and another bird, but they liked coming over to my place, dug up the ground, dug up plants, sunbathed in my yard and drove my dogs crazy. i had to put a stop to that and my neighbors got really nasty when i told them to keep them on their 8 acres instead of my property. they told me to train my dogs to like the birds and it was not their problem.

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