Gotcha Day, FBM 112

Gotcha Day, FBM 112

Gotcha Day

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today is Chewy’s Gotcha Day celebration! He’s officially been a resident at Casa de Pulga for one year. His foster mom and dad are amazing people and I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank them for the months they spent loving and training our Chew Monster.

Affenpinscher and Italian Greyhound
Chewy the Affenpinscher mutt with his foster mama, Taylor, and big brother, Frankie the Italian Greyhound. This was their reunion last fall.

We’re all celebrating Chewy’s Gotcha Day, including the grouchy old dogs. And of course the Jones Natural Chews are flowing like water. It wouldn’t be a Gotcha Day celebration without Jones Natural Chews.

It's a dog party!
It’s a dog party! It’s a big dog party! Patches, the senior Aussie, knows how to have a good time on a Gotcha Day.

Gotcha Day Dog Videos

But we’ll reserve Chewy’s happy photos for later and watch a fun dog celebration video, yes? Maybe we’ll even find a dog celebrating its own Gotcha Day.

That cracks me up. This next dog celebrates just being a dog. I can’t even imagine coming home after this.

Right? Coming home to find all the furniture has moved? Now, if you’ll allow it, I’m going to indulge in Chewy videos, since it’s his Gotcha Day. Here’s one from about a year ago, when he still had a sweet puppy face.

Here’s Chewy at his Gotcha Day celebration, looking older.

"I'll do anything for a treat."
You can almost see that treat in his eyes. I’m holding a Jones Beef Liver Taffy over Chewy’s head. You don’t think he willingly wears a feather headdress, do you?

And here’s Chewy meeting Jimmy the Duck for the first time. Jimmy bolted out of the pen just this morning in an attempt to recreate this scene.

Chewy takes Jim’s entire head in his mouth now and I have to break things up. But Jim is always the instigator. He’s fierce, but not too bright.

And, of course, some dogs dropped in to wish Chewy a happy birthday.

Last, but not least, a glimpse of Chewy’s Gotcha Day gift, an L Bone from Jones.

Is he a happy dog or what?


Today’s post is gently recycled, since I’m on the road. This morning I’m in central Louisiana, staying with family, and tonight I’ll be celebrating life at a restaurant in New Orleans. Nothing like a good road trip for catching up with old friends. You, on the other hand, can enter Jones Natural Chews’ lovely Frank n Woofer giveaway from the comfort of your own home! Simply click on this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which will open, then click the entry box and click, I Commented. Easy peasy! And your dog will smile. Naturally.

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. Wow Mrs. Flea it does not seem like you have had Mr. Chewy that long, it just seems like two weeks or something like that… looks like he is having the bestest time living wif you.
    And your treats.
    stella rose

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