Gone Fishing, FBM 214

Gone Fishing, FBM 214

Gone Fishing

If you haven’t noticed, spring has come early. We discussed this last week. Keep up. So we’ve gone fishing. Well, not really. I don’t fish. The rule in our house is, you catch ’em, you clean ’em. I do not clean fish. But! Dogs fish! Don’t believe me? Take a look. And happy Funny Bone Monday!

Then he calmly walks out of the water. How cool is that?!

The next ones cracked me up! Especially the Bulldog in the koi pond! But the last pup isn’t so fun, especially since you can see it coming a mile off. Sometimes, sadly, this is how we learn. If this dog lives near salt water, it might need to figure this out early in life.

I’m sincerely hoping that’s the case. And that the owner gave the dog some Jones Natural Chews once the crab let go.

The following dogs who’ve gone fishing have amazing taste in fish. Salmon is my all time favorite fish. Mmmmm. With capers and honey – they’re just fantastic.

According to the author of the video, these fish were at the end of their life span, and he put them back in the water. Those dogs sure loved catching them, though, didn’t they?

Our last video reminds me of the claw machine. All those fish, and so tough to get just one!

But catch one she did, and a big one! Great job, little dog!


I hope that if you like fishing, you train your dog to fish with you. My old man, Flash, loves the water, but he doesn’t fish. He fetches rocks. And gets plenty of Jones Natural Chews at the end of the fetching day. We don’t encourage fishing dogs, since we have a koi pond right out the back door. But we do encourage giving Jones to dogs!

Wet Dog gone fishing in an Oklahoma river
This is Flash’s preferred method of bathing. In a river. Fetching rocks.

Speaking of which, we’re currently giving away Jones Other Ear, an all natural, single ingredient (pork chin) treat which dogs go nuts for. Your dog is fishing for one right now. So just click this sentence and scroll down in the new post, click on the giveaway box, and enter! Make sure to tweet daily to really up your points. And share! Because sharing is caring.

Now y’all scoot! I’m going to sit on the back porch and watch the koi.

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. Norman would pull the fish we caught right out of the live well and watch them flop around on the floor of the boat. Gambler will pull them out of a pail. They love their fish.

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