Giving Thanks for Humor

Giving Thanks for Humor

Giving Thanks for Humor is a gently recycled post. I’m always thankful for humor. Aren’t you?

Giving Thanks for Humor

Today, Thanksgiving Eve, I’m giving thanks for humor and photos and Jones chews. Not necessarily in that order. It’s also Wordless Wednesday. Woohoo! Here’s a glimpse of a couple of dogs that I’ll be featuring next week when we look at the holiday treats from Jones.

Dog meme
Cute little Portia has a sensitive nose. Poor dear. Give that Human a Knee Cap to freshen her breath!

Hmm. I don’t think people are supposed to gnaw on Jones Knee Caps. I mean, I know they’re great for teeth and gums, and they ARE all natural. Still. Portia, you stick to the Knee Caps.

Dog meme
Poor dear. Did that bad Human eat all your treats?

Oh my. We can’t have this. Mama needs to get herself to Tractor Supply and find more treats! Little doggies need treats to be thankful for! If Mama can’t find the treats, she can always order from Natural Dog Treat Shop. Geez, Mama! Get on the ball! Poor little doggy.

Do You Retreat to Humor?

Seriously, though, I’m giving thanks for humor this year. Life is sometimes very hard. No, I’m not complaining. There’s nothing specific that I have in mind. I’m just giving thanks for humor. It’s the yeast in life’s bread, the natural smoke flavoring in the dog treat. When I really am having a tough time, I retreat to humor.

I’m thankful for other things, too. I’m thankful for my sweet baby dogs. Flash:

Sweet senior dog face
Flash’s face looks older every day. I’m grateful he’s still around, making all of us smile. Well, except when he threw up on the carpet last night. I wasn’t smiling then.

Flash is my shadow dog. He loves me whole-heartedly. In fact, he’s sprawled across the couch right now, rear end against my hip, snoring. And farting. So. I’m giving thanks for humor AND a farting dog. Great.

A duck in the house
I give thanks for Jimmy the Duck. He comes in the house when the door is open. And he does NOT throw up on the carpet.

Are you thankful for a duck this year? You should be. Seriously. Ducks make GREAT pets. They’re adorable and quite personable. If you don’t have a duck, feel free to give thanks for my duck. Jimmy doesn’t mind and neither do I.

Back yard chicken in Tulsa, OK
Legolas gives thanks that she’s not part of Thanksgiving dinner. Or any dinner, ever.

The Added Bonus of Chickens

I give thanks that my Hunny doesn’t insist on eating any of my girls. Oh, he jokes about it. But there’s no way we’re eating my backyard chickens. Legolas here would bite the Hunny if he even thought about being serious. Bee tee dubs – any of you have a clue what kind of chicken Legolas is? I’m having a tough time with that. Black with a copper sprinkling on the chest. Black feet and beak. Single comb. Pretty hefty girl. Anyone?

What else … oh! I give thanks for my Hunny! The Hunny, after all, built this beautiful coop for my girls.

Pretty chicken coop and shed
The girls love their new home. They love being warm and cozy. They don’t so much love being limited to a corner of the backyard. I give thanks that they’re limited to a corner of the backyard.

And I give thanks for my Hunny. πŸ™‚

Hunny in a cute hat
Hunny in a Zorro hat – don’t tell him, but this is one of Squatch’s Christmas gifts.

Isn’t he adorable? Yeah, that’s the “I can’t believe I’m letting you take my picture in this get-up” look.

What are you giving thanks for this year? And to whom do you give thanks?

Spreading the good chews …


23 thoughts on “Giving Thanks for Humor

  1. Oh Flea first we are thankful for you cos with out you we would have never ever got to try Jones Treats…does that sound like a commercial or what!! Second, Mom says she is so thankful for us, although she often wonders if Prozac would be cheaper…um…..and Third well we are just thankful for having the opportunity to have so many things to be thankful for!! we loves your humor. our mom tends to go to the joking way when things are hard for hers also.
    Have a super Thanksgiving
    Stella Rose, Maggie and Gussie

  2. And I’m thankful to have Miss Flea as the bestest bestie in all the bestie lands. And I KNOW this a dog blog, but I’m thankful for my precious cats, Gizmo (the old man) and Squeaks (she of the excruciatingly painful halitosis). πŸ™‚

    Tell your hunny the next picture I want to see him in is the *other* hat you got Squatch for Christmas. Heh. Heh. Heh.

  3. Lots of good things to be thankful for this year but did you forget Patches? I didn’t see Patches picture and I really think you should be thankful for Patches too.

    Happy Thanksgiving Flea!!

  4. I’m thankful for ducks in the air! πŸ™‚ You know we have been raising ducks, chickens, and pheasants for over 13 years and I think I might of eaten one rooster chicken when we had to many otherwise they all die on their own or the ducks and pheasants the dogs get. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hugs to you and your gang.
    Sand Spring Chesapeakes recently posted..Wordless Wednesday~Pre Turkey DayMy Profile

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