Giving Birth, FBM 213

Giving Birth, FBM 213

Giving Birth

Y’all, whether we like it or not, spring has come early to much of the nation. Giving birth is a natural thing this time of year. Birds are building nests outside my front door. The hens have begun laying again, Roadkill is all over the place (critters don’t look both ways during mating season). So giving birth is a hip, happening thing right now. Or at least the making of the babies is. And a friend tagged me in a story about a goat giving birth. It had me literally laughing out loud. Click this sentence to open a new window with the story. Her photos reenacting the goat are HILARIOUS.

But because today is Funny Bone Monday, we have videos! Our first short one is cute. Watch this dog giving birth.

I love that she cleans her baby afterward. You didn’t think I was going to show live birth videos, did you? More like adopted critters. This next one is a compilation of dogs protecting babies. The dogs may not have given birth to the babies, but they sure love and protect them like their own. And this cutie pie deserves a Jones Natural Chew for playing along.

And because giving birth isn’t exclusive to dogs and humans, the following video is of dogs and critter babies of all sorts. My favorite is the hound and baby squirrel at the end.

We can’t end today’s segment without some baby talk, right? Someone is looking to be a senator when she grows up.

Or a telemarketer. The two are interchangeable.


In case you didn’t know, we hold a giveaway of Jones Natural Chews treats here every two weeks! They’re the best treats in the world. All natural (mostly single ingredient treats), all US grown and produced, these treats make dogs smile. Naturally. And our most recent giveaway is the Pumper, a pork heart baked to perfection. Our winner is …

Christine Aiello! Congratulations, Christine! Your lovely Cocker Spaniel will be receiving a box about two weeks after you email me your mailing address!

Come back tomorrow and see which treat we’ll be giving away. Your dog demands that you do. It knows. It sees. It weeps when you give it grocery store biscuits. Bad! Bad! Only Jones Natural Chews!

Spreading the good chews …


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