Funny Dog Treat, FBM 233

Funny Dog Treat, FBM 233

Funny Dog Treat

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s topic is funny dog treat – weird, huh? It’s been too long since our funny dog videos revolved around treats, and treats are what we do. This month, especially, celebrating our five year anniversary as the official blog for Jones Natural Chews, we want to enjoy the humor of dogs and their favorite treats. Stay tuned, at the end, and I’ll tell you how to enter two separate giveaways for Jones Natural Chews!

Pretty impressive, huh? That self restraint when faced with yummy dog biscuits is remarkable, you think. Psh. What’s a little dog biscuit? This next pup has it going on in the restraint category. Check it out.

Way cool! Except I really, really want to see a dog exercise this kind of self control using Jones Natural Chews. Fake beef? Please. Real beef is where the rubber meets the road, people. Which the next treats might be, and it would explain the dog’s reaction.

You saw that coming a mile off, right? But it’s still hilarious! Our next video is horribly mislabeled. It should be called, Dogs Miss Treats in Slow Motion.

Last, Jones is represented by the irrepressible Maya and Pierson. I’ll be seeing them in a couple of weeks, bringing them treats.

Good dogs!


And because you have good dogs who deserve their very own Jones Natural Chews, we’re currently running TWO funny dog treat giveaways! Okay, there’s nothing funny about them. They’re just plain awesome! Our first is the giveaway we hold every two weeks, and it’s our Bully n Bacon treat! Dogs can’t resist Bully n Bacon. This Bully Stick and pork skin combo makes dogs smile. Simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the post which will open, click the entry box and click I Commented! Then tweet about it using the box, just to add points.

A Study in Dogs

Because your dog is drooling just thinking about it, you’ll also want to enter our anniversary giveaway! This one rocks because the winner gets to choose THREE Jones Natural Chews for their dog! Three! Click this sentence and do the same thing as above, and enter to win!

And will someone PLEASE make their own funny dog treat video like the ones above, using your own do and some Jones Natural Chews? I’d feature that in a heartbeat. Thanks!

Spreading the good chews …


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