Funny Bone Monday, 49, Cats vs Dogs

Funny Bone Monday, 49, Cats vs Dogs

Happy Funny Bone Monday! Today’s topic is cats vs dogs, for all kinds of smiles! It’s also Thanksgiving week, so I’ll tell you up front that I’m thankful for our dogs AND our cat.

The first cats vs dogs video makes me think of siblings. My own, to be specific. There’s always that one kid that picks on the others, then screams bloody murder when he gets what’s coming to him. As the big sister, that drove me crazy. Watch.

OMD – I absolutely ADORE the Cats vs Dogs video where the critters are people. Until now I thought there was only one.

Y’all, I’ve heard that playing dead will keep predators from attacking, but I don’t think I’ve ever believed it. Until now.

Do cats have rubber bones? I know there are a couple of dogs in this next video, but seriously – cats have rubber bones. The last cat CRACKS ME UP.

This last video is pretty long, but amazing. The Cheetah and the Greyhound are compared in slo-mo, asking why one is faster than the other. I love watching the Greyhound run in slow motion. I’ll bet Bunny and Flattery already know what it takes.

So. How many of you have dogs AND cats? Do they peacefully coexist? Here’s a Jones question: If you have a cat, have you tried giving it any of the Jones chews? There are a lot of cats that go crazy for the Jones taffies. My own cat is pickier than any cat I’ve ever known and wants nothing to do with them, but he also won’t even eat tuna. Weird cat. If you have a cat, try giving it a Jones taffy and see what happens. Heck, you’ve seen what happens when I give chickens Jones Tender Taffy Chicken Blend.

If you don’t make it out my way again before next week, Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Stinky turkey costume head - Happy Thanksgiving!
Gobble gobble! The inside of this turkey head REEKED.

Until I write again …


19 thoughts on “Funny Bone Monday, 49, Cats vs Dogs

  1. I always wondered how they get those costumes cleaned. Do they dry clean them? I think it was Snoopy at Knottsberry Farm that hugged me once and I remember thinking how Snoopy smelled like sour sweat. Yuck. If I had to wear that – I would boil myself at the end of every shift. That may be worse than renting shoes at a bowling alley.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! May your day be filled with delicious smells and NOT like the inside of that turkey head. 🙂
    Blueberry’s human recently posted..Cold, Rainy WeekendMy Profile

  2. Oh, I didn’t know there was a new Cat v Dog Friend video either! Too funny. And that greyhound running in slow mo is very cool! We’ve never had a dog and a cat at the same time, but Rita did go along to visit my sis and her cat – they HATED each other! Had to keep them separated the whole weekend.

    I would not put my head in that stinky turkey head. Even for the photo op. You’re brave!
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Monday Mischief: Does the Gardener Taste Like Chicken?My Profile

  3. I’ve seen that Cheetah video before and they do an incredible job of filming it. It does a good job of explaining the double suspension gallop that Greyhounds have, too! Flattery is still in the decidedly NOT cat safe category and will be for a long time, I’m sure. We had cats with our first pair of Greyhounds and while we fostered, but after they passed away, I learned that I’m a bit allergic to them, so we let them be.
    houndstooth recently posted..An Unexpected ArrivalMy Profile

  4. OMD I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying. That very first one where the dog pushes the cat into the tub of water… HILARIOUS! I saw the first CAT and DOG video those guys made. This second one is good too. Clever. Dogs and cats trying to get into boxes, always cute. Maya likes boxes too. Nothing makes my week like watching crazy cats, silly dogs, and carnivorous chickens.
    Dawn recently posted..Follow Up Friday #20My Profile

  5. We have both cats and dogs, and they co-exist (mostly peacefully). wow, some of those cats in that first video were pretty mean….I felt bad for the dogs! Our older cat can be kind of mean sometimes, swatting at the dogs or his kitty sister for no reason whatsoever. But they all pretty much just ignore him!
    Jan K recently posted..Monday Mischief – New SiblingMy Profile

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