Funny Bone Monday, 40

Funny Bone Monday, 40


Happy Funny Bone Monday! Number forty, no less! Today the theme is Funny Dog Videos My Hunny Sent Me! He’s taken to combing Wimp for dog videos, just for me! And he was a little hurt to find that I wasn’t using them. So. Awkward. Here we are.

My Aussie lets me know what he thinks of me
Awkward like your own dog sticking his tongue out at you

I do like this first one. Short and sweet.

But Oh My Dog – these mini Dachshunds in the tub are the best! All you dogs that hate baths – maybe your tub isn’t large enough to swim in. You’ll have to talk to your mamas about that.

He’s a good Hunny, sending me videos. This next isn’t funny, but I found it fascinating, especially since I have a breed Wednesday feature. What say you?

Once you bring those unique breeds home, what do you do with them? Unique up behind them! Just kidding.

This one, though, will bring a smile to your face. My childhood dog, Jerry, did this when I would play.

Last, a Great Pyrenees and baby goats. Y’all, I want goats. Seriously. So stinkin’ cute.

I just have to show y’all something right quick. Beth, Gizmo’s mom, sent me a photo a bit ago that I completely forgot to post. She and I hung out at Bark World, where networking is the name of the game. Bloggers try to woo sponsors. Sponsors want bloggers to highlight their products. People like me go to hand out treats and meet fellow bloggers face to face. I’d packaged two Beef Liver Taffy Chews per snack sized zipper bag, along with a business card, to hand out to bloggers. Hoping that the business cards wouldn’t be too greasy and stinky to keep once they got home. Well. Beth said, and I’ll let her tell it:

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]

Giz & I are finally home and getting caught up and I had to send you this picture…
This was your business card in the baggie with the Tender Taffy that you so kindly shared with Gizmo. There was a tiny piece left and I gave it to him yesterday, then placed your business card in a card file on the coffee table…
Now you have to know that Gizmo NEVER goes after food on the table…really, never…
I left the room and when I came back a few minutes later the picture shows what I found…Guess your card was just too good to pass up after spending time with that yummy Taffy  🙂


Thanks, Gizmo, for that ringing endorsement of Jones Chews!

Probably shouldn't store business cards with dog treats
I’m wondering how many of my business cards were eaten …

And one more video!!! Did everyone see the video that Sugar’s mom made for Jones? I LOVE IT!!! Sugar and her mom are AMAZING. Here it is:


Until I write again …


21 thoughts on “Funny Bone Monday, 40

  1. OH Flea we loved watching that movie with you as the star….do you think it would be to much to ask if you would sent us a autographed picture of you for our wall of fame, (the refrig)?
    stella rose

  2. BOL! I would’ve eaten your business card too (it smelled delicious) just like Gizmo!

    There’s something about a Jones treat
    their aroma smells so sweet
    I would walk on only two feet
    all the way to your street
    just to get my paws on another Jones treat!

    *Cairn cuddles*
    Oz the Terrier recently posted..Today, I See BeautifulMy Profile

  3. OMD, so much good stuff. That 1st vid is LOL-funny. So cute. And the swimming doxies are too cute as well. And those baby goats! And Sugar’s vid is totally pawesome. They’re amazing. I’m pretty sure Rita would also eat that deliciously scented biz card. As for the unique breeds… I love my unique breed – she’s a sheagle. (shepherd/beagle. Or a beapherd. But that doesn’t sound as good…) I might have to steal that unique breeds vid for my Mirth Watch Thur post.

    And how sweet is your hubs, sending you vids for your blog!?
    Jackie Bouchard recently posted..Monday Mischief: “Rescue Me, Maybe” is Here!My Profile

  4. OMD I almost wet myself I laughed so hard at that first video!! That is hysterical!!

    And Sugar’s video is awesome too!

    I like what Gizmo did to your business card, silly me I hadn’t thought of an index card holder to put all those cards I got at BlogPaws in. 🙂
    Jodi recently posted..Good Morning Monday!My Profile

  5. So much good stuff today Flea…Those swimming doxies are wonderful. I totally love the Costa Rican shelter campaign (I’ve shared the video with my local shelter) and I’ve wanted a goat for years…had a breeder offer me one but local zoning forbids it 🙁 I thought it would be a great way to keep my lawn mowed but they didn’t see it that way) Sugar did a great job with your video interview…And Gizmo says he’ll be happy to eat every business you send, as long as you send it with that yummy Taffy 🙂
    GizmoGeodog recently posted..Pruven Makes Short Work of Mischief PLUS Giveaway!My Profile

  6. Great videos….I think the swimming Dachshunds were my favorite. I bet everyone wishes their dogs would be that excited about a bath.
    I did see Sugar’s video on her site….I think I commented that you truly do have one of the best jobs!
    Jan K recently posted..Resolutions Revisited (Part 2)My Profile

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