Friday Funny Flea-ism

Friday Funny Flea-ism

Friday Funny Flea-ism

This writing Flea-isms is tougher than I thought. So I’m hoping that Friday Funny Flea-isms becomes a thing. Last night, falling asleep, today’s Friday Funny jumped into my brain. Believe it or not, I don’t think about Jones Natural Chews 24/7. More like half my waking hours. I truly do love and believe in the product that much. My dogs probably think about them 24/7. But other things occupy at least part of my time. And last night is a good example.

Me and Weird Al! Friday Funny Flea-ism
Gratuitous Weird Al photo

Yes. I was singing a Weird Al polka when the following Flea-ism came to me. Because Hunny asked what the heck I was singing as I was falling asleep.

Friday Funny Flea-ism
Huh. It was a heck of a lot funnier at eleven at night in the dark.

And here’s what I was singing, in case you needed some odd in your life today.


What Dogs Find Funny

And because you’re asking, here’s what dogs find funny.

Dog Jokes
That’s right. Dogs tell jokes. Bad ones. But on this Friday Funny day, who’s to say what a bad joke is?

You want another one. You know you do.

Better than a Klondike Bar
So this isn’t a joke. But a dog laughing is better than a bad joke, yes?

It’s no joke when you run out of Jones Natural Chews. No joke at all. Have you checked the cupboard lately? Do you need to run out and get some more? Or maybe order some online? Because it wouldn’t be at all a Friday Funny if you ran out. Especially going into a weekend. You know it’s true.


What’s that you say? Your dog has never tried Jones Natural Chews?!? Say it isn’t so!! Well, we need to remedy that. Jones is hosting a giveaway of a single ingredient treat that’s perfect for dogs of all sizes. Our Pumper is a pork heart baked to perfection. It’ll leave your dog happy, but begging for more. We’ll send the winner one, but you should probably get more. Just in case. To enter the giveaway, click this sentence, read through the post which will open in a new window, and follow the directions to enter! Easy peasy.

Now go make your dog smile. Tell it a joke. But don’t hold back on the treats.

Spreading the good chews …


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