Frenchies Love the Hoof

Frenchies Love the Hoof

My friend, Colleen, has the most adorable French Bulldog and Boston Terrier you’ve ever seen, Ginger and Dixie. Colleen lives in Virginia and was asking where she could find Jones Natural Chews near her. Honey, there are Tractor Supply stores all OVER Virginia. So Colleen found some Hooves and Center Bones. Then sent me photos. *squeeeee*

Frenchies and Hooves from Jones
Ginger and Dixie stare longingly at the bag of Jones Hooves. These dogs have no idea what’s coming.

Here’s what Colleen had to say about the dogs’ initial experience with the Hoof:

Ooh! Some young whipper-snapper got reeeeaally territorial over her hoof. Glad she likes them, but even when I walked by her she started guarding it and snapping.
But Ginger likes hers, chewed on it a bit, then took a nap, woke up and didn’t seem to mind the cat licking it, or when Dixie stole it to guard both hooves. LOL
Guess we’ll have our work cut out for us this weekend to work on that aggression with Dixie because I want her to have good chews that she likes and keep her occupied, but not if she’s gonna bite folks and critters walking near her.
I don’t remember Colleen mentioning food guarding or aggression before with Miss Dixie. Jones is just that good, I guess. Let’s see what the dogs have to say.
Beauty and the Hoof
Ginger, the sensible Boston Terrier, gnaws contentedly on her Hoof. Isn’t she a beauty? I admire a girl who knows what she likes and takes it.
Frenchie guards her hoof
Dixie, on the other hand, knows what she likes, takes it, then takes everyone else’s. Is there such a thing as too much of a good thing?
Two cute French Bulldogs
Ginger and Dixie go back for more Hooves. See what a polite southern belle Miss Ginger is? And see how pushy Miss Dixie is? Dixie knows a good thing, but is a bad girl getting more.
Guarding the Hoof
This final photo says it all. Dixie’s not letting anyone near her Hoof! I don’t blame her, but her mama is right. Time to work on the food aggression. It’s a good thing Colleen picked up some Jones, or she never would have known there was a problem!  😉

Seeing Dixie’s reaction to the Hoof, I can’t even IMAGINE what she’d be like if given a Beef Liver Taffy or a Lamb Lung Puff. Maybe the gnawing treat is one to be guarded, where the consumable isn’t. Hmm. I’m tempted to send Colleen one of everything to see which ones bring out this behavior in Dixie …

Which is a really bad idea. One, because I don’t want to encourage food aggression in dogs. Two, because French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers have delicate constitutions. Too much of a good thing is entirely possible for Ginger and Dixie. My friend, Karen, will tell you this much. And I’m guessing that the Frenchies are little pigs about food, like most dogs. Cute little pigs …
French Bulldog
King Louie the Frenchie is sad that I won’t give him the entire bag of treats. Louie is one of Karen’s Frenchies and now has his own blog. Go say hi.
So! The moral of this story is to find some Jones Hooves for your dog! Better yet, call your local feed and pet stores and see if they carry Jones and have the Canine Christmas Cruncher stockings on the shelf. Five treats in one bag! Now scoot, before it’s too late. Christmas is upon us!
Until I write again …

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