Frank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness

Frank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness

Frank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness

Today’s giveaway shall bring happiness to dogs. Thus decrees the Good Flea. Y’all, our Frank n Woofer giveaway will make your dog smile nine ways to Sunday. Why? Because our Frank n Woofer is GOOOOOOOD. Don’t believe me? Ask Buster.

Buster the Shih Tzu begs for a Jones Natural Chews Frank n Woofer - all natural dog treat goodness
Buster the Shih Tzu begs for a Frank n Woofer

Let’s find out what the Frank n Woofer is made of. According to Jones Natural Chews, this all natural, US grown and produced treat is:

A Frank N Woofer has just as much tempation to your dog, as our all American Hamburger and Hot Dog does to their human counterparts! This oven baked combination of a chicken sausage engulfed in a beef burger, gives your dog a great blend of soft and crunchy. The pairing of these two popular treats will quickly make it your furry friends’ new favorite treat. A Frank N Woofer is great for all size dogs. As always, all Jones products are 100% grown and made in the USA.

You see that? The “bun”, or the Woofer, is simply ground beef. That’s it. The frank, a chicken Rocky’s Roller, is several ingredients, all of them natural (nothing artificial), beginning with meat – chicken. Nine. Nine ingredients in the frank part of the Frank n Woofer. That’s it! But what does this marvel of meaty goodness look like? Behold!

Jones Natural Chews Frank n Woofer giveaway features meaty dog treat goodness
This Frank n Woofer giveaway treat is perfect for Independence Day!

I know, I know – there’s a piece missing from the bun. That might have been because Buster got a little excited as I was unwrapping the Frank n Woofer. It happens. ALL THE TIME.

Why Would I Give My Dog the Frank n Woofer?

Well, the correct question is, why on earth wouldn’t you? Seriously, though, the Frank n Woofer is all natural. No artificial ingredients. The ingredients are 100% grown and sourced in the USA – perfect for a celebration of our country’s independence celebration. The bun is a single ingredient. The hot dog is mostly meat. Like most hot dogs. πŸ˜‰ And this particular treat (in all honesty, like all Jones Natural Chews) makes dogs smile. And drool. It’s irresistible. Lookit.

Buster the Shih Tzu goes in for the kill with the Frank n Woofer from Jones Natural Chews
One little dog vs one little treat. Who will win? Buster? Or the Frank n Woofer?


I know you’re thinking, right now, “How does MY dog get its paws on one of these luscious treats?” (See? it’s like I’m in your head, thinking your thoughts. Right?!?) You are one lucky dog parent! Jones Natural Chews is pretty proud of this particular bit of yum for dogs and wants to give a couple of them to one of you! Your dog is smiling right now just thinking about it. Look. Am I right or what? Drooling a little too, I think. And our giveaways are always about as simple as I can make them.

See that box just below this paragraph? That’s our giveaway box. The first thing you need to do, though, is leave a comment on this post. The second thing you’ll do is click on that box and tell it that you commented. After that? Well, click on all the little things in the box and do them. Especially the daily tweets. You almost can’t help but win if you tweet daily! Give it a shot.

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Now y’all go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Dogs know the difference. And so do you. Make me proud.

Spreading the good chews …


25 thoughts on “Frank n Woofer Giveaway Happiness

  1. Yes Coco loves hot dogs although she doesn’t get to eat them often. Every now and then I’ll give her a bite of one.

  2. they love food in general. i dont eat hot dogs, so they dont get the chance to eat them. i am not a hot dog person.

  3. My dogs LOVE hot dogs!! What self-respecting dog doesn’t?? lol Wonderful giveaway – thanks for the chance!! <3

    • It’s been a long time since mine have had a bit of people hot dogs. They’re incredibly bad for people with ADHD, of which I’m one. *sigh* So we almost never buy them. But you’re right – the Frank n Woofers are much more nutritious for dogs!

  4. I have never given my lil one hot dogs, I very rarely buy them, but what dog wouldn’t love them πŸ™‚

  5. My cockers love hot dogs and any kind of meat. Chipper especially loves the smell of meat. He’s 12 and he smells much better than he sees.

  6. My senior dogs would like Jones Natural hot dogs. They are big fans of all the Jones products they have tried.

  7. My dogs love hot dogs but I’d rather give them Jones Frank n Woofer! They will love it, too.

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