Follow Up on Cancer

Follow Up on Cancer

Follow Up on Cancer

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a follow up on cancer (I just scrolled through the archives, so it’s true). Some of you may be thinking, “But aren’t you done with all that cancer stuff?” I wish. In my head, yes I am. Chemo is two months gone and done, so I’m THROUGH. If only it were that easy.

Dog Jokes
Nothing is ever easy. Especially without coffee.

We were told, at some point during the cancer journey, that the first stage – treatment – would take  about a year, then we could expect to recover for a year. Yes, I say we. Hunny has been a rock for me though every stage of cancer and treatment. And they were spot on. Not that I ever listen or do what I’m told, but I’m getting better at that. I guess I expected them to be wrong about the recovery part.

How could they be wrong? For seven months last year I was pumped full of poison. How could my body not take a solid year to recover from that? And mid-year I had major surgery, but no chance to heal, since they threw me back into chemotherapy soon after. I’m healing now. That was mid-May. It still hurts when Chewy stands on an incision site and stares deeply into my eyes, begging for a Jones Natural Chew.

Treat! Treat! And only a Jones Natural Chew will do!

Tests and Results

This follow up on cancer is brought to you through the marvel of modern medicine. Two weeks ago I had my first follow up colonoscopy (the cancer was rectal, and even though they removed the entire rectum, that whole area gets scoped, due to the finding of polyps in the colon in the last scope, the one which found the tumor). It was clean and clear. I can wait a whole three years before having another one done! Yay!

Yesterday I had my first follow up on cancer with the oncologist. They drew blood. My labs look great, he said. He’ll see me in four months. But the CT scan was postponed. I just got a call scheduling it for Monday afternoon. That’s the big deal, looking for shadows on my liver which will indicate whether or not the cancer spread. Paws crossed. But the oncologist has maintained that I look great and am healing well.

Of Feet and Hands

I may be healing well, but this is where the year of recovery comes into play. Stupid neuropathy. Granted, my energy levels are climbing, so I’m getting better every day in that way. I’m feeding the chickens and hanging out with Jimmy again (and have the bruises on my hands to prove it).

Jimmy the duck, in the follow up on cancer

But the feet and hands, not so much. My fingertips are still numb, making fine motor skills nearly impossible. Even so, they’ve healed a lot in the past two months. The feet are killing me. Okay, not literally. They’re actually improving, too. They feel like they’re covered in sand, and I walk like Frankenstein. Electrical-type pain shoots through my feet randomly. They hurt when I stand on them for more than a minute. But the oncologist says it sounds like they’re healing, and that I can push myself. Yay! Nerves are regenerating! I’ve been pushing myself every day.

But Wait! There’s More!

More follow up? Say it ain’t so! No. More treats! Thank you, by the way, for reading and checking up on me. Every step of this is new and strange. This next part, though? I’m a pro at this part. You’re also here because you have a dog. The best dog in the world, right? So don’t hesitate – click this sentence and a new tab will open with a giveaway for a Jones Natural Chews Pumper for your dog. It’s a pork heart, perfectly baked, just for dogs. They go bananas for these things. Lookit.

Jones Natural Chews Pumpers - Treats Dogs Love

So what are you waiting for? Click it! And stop on your way home tonight, pick up Jones Natural Chews for your dog. You don’t want your dog to wait too long. It’s drooling right now, anticipating. I just know.

Spreading the good chews …


18 thoughts on “Follow Up on Cancer

  1. You have come a long ways and I’m proud of you and proud that you were the fighter you were! Hopefully this next year will be so much better and you can get your life back to normal. I’m glad you can hang with the birds now!

  2. Wow, I didn’t realize it takes a year to recover from the chemo. That’s great that your test results so far have been good – sending good thoughts that the CT results will also be good!

    • Something along the lines of – your energy will come back pretty quickly, but it’ll take at least a year for the side effects of the poison to go away. If they go away.

  3. so glad that things are looking up. remember to still take care of yourself, it is a whole body, lifestyle, food, exercise, etc. i know it is a long recovery. however, it looks like there is some light at the end of the tunnel and it is looking bright.

  4. I was on strong meds for another health issue, and I could not believe how long it took for them to get out of my system after I stopped taking them (months)…I sometimes thought I’d never get to feeling normal again. I can only imagine how much worse it is for you. But I am still glad you are on the better side of all this. Hoping you get nothing but good news from here on out.
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