Farm Dogs Love Stuffed Windees

Farm Dogs Love Stuffed Windees

Farm Dogs Love Stuffed Windees

It’s no secret that I’m moving to the country soon. Soon-ish. Hopefully. There’s always a delay. And we’re prepping for that move, purchasing things which we’ll need. Recently we purchased a rugged type of golf cart for maneuvering on our ten acres with bags of feed. No way am I carrying 50 pound bags of feed all over creation (the feet are STILL recovering from chemo last year). And I’m frugal, so I search Craigslist for the things we need, which means we get to meet some fun people along the way, as well as way cool dogs. Like farm dogs.

Farm dogs in rural NE Oklahoma
Hunny is comfortable with farm dogs and they’re comfortable with him

Most of what we’re looking for is farm related, so we wind up driving way out into nowhere to buy stuff. I ALWAYS bring a bag of Jones Natural Chews with me, since we almost always meet dogs. In fact, Hunny carries a bag of loose Jones treats in his truck, just in case. I highly recommend traveling with Jones, since you just never know when you’ll need them. In this instance, I also had our new Stuffed Windees on hand. A good thing, since there were five dogs on the property.

Always Ask Permission

Unless I’m in a situation where there’s a loose dog acting a little aggressively and I need to be on the property, I always ask permission of the dog owner before giving their dogs treats. Because I blog for Jones Natural Chews, I typically invite myself to someone’s house specifically to treat their dogs, but sometimes it’s just a happy coincidence that there are dogs where I’ll be. The Stuffed Windees are perfect as a hostess gift for someone else’s dogs.

Cattle dogs love Stuffed Windees from Jones Natural Chews
The sniff always comes first

What Stuffed Means

The beauty of a Stuffed Windee is that they’re stuffed. Duh, right? But stuffed means different things to different dog treat companies. What it means for a Jones Natural Chew (and why it makes farmers and homesteaders happy), is that the treat is really STUFFED full. Packed tight. Buying Jones also means that the ingredients stuffing your treat will be all natural (nothing artificial), and all grown in the US. Stuffed means that the first and primary ingredient will be meat.

Farm dogs love treats as much as any other dogs, but they especially love Jones Natural Chews
The sniff is followed by the snatch, but I hold on tight for photos

Stuffed also means that your dog will be stuffed. Treats are always meant to be given like you’d give candy or dessert to kids. Never a substitute for a meal (even that’s what adults do *ahem*), and often as a reward or to keep dogs busy for a bit. The Stuffed Windees are a filled beef trachea which will keep a dog chewing for awhile (depending on the size of your dog), and certainly keep a dog smiling. Obviously. They’re happy treats.


Because these are such happy treats – Jones Natural Chews latest stuffed treats are my new favorites – it makes me happy to be giving some away to some lucky dog! You may be asking, about now, “How do I get these for MY dog?” Easy peasy. Just click this sentence, read and follow the simple directions in the new post which will open up, and don’t forget to tweet about this giveaway! Your dog will thank you. Really.

Now go! Give your dog some Jones Natural Chews. Make it smile.

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. Very cool a golf cart. I want a golf cart!! I’m excited for you to be moving to 10 acres that is fabulous.

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