Excited Dogs, FBM 217

Excited Dogs, FBM 217

Excited Dogs

Happy Funny Bone Monday a little late! I chose today’s topic, excited dogs, because I’m excited about announcing the winners of TWO treat giveaways today! The first day of spring is pretty exciting, too! So let’s get to watching excited dogs, yes?

My dogs get pretty excited when we turn the car into Grandma’s neighborhood. They whimper and whine. Chewy quivers. But nothing like this cute Pug! The next excited dog? PLAY. WITH. ME.

Our last excited dogs video is a wonderful compilation. The air running Pomeranian just slays me.


Let’s move on to what really counts and what really makes excited dogs a real thing (really). Winning some Jones Natural Chews! They’re the very best meat treats, so dog truly go bananas for them. Our first winner, with a treat, gets her choice of beef knuckles for her dog. Drum roll please …

Vanessa Richard! Congratulations, Vanessa! She gets to choose from a selection of knuckles at this link. Her Princeton is going to be one happy dog!! And Vanessa’s win came via a tweet. It pays to tweet about the contests, friends!

Our other winner is Molly Pitcher! Molly also tweeted about the giveaway, giving her the extra push she needed to win. I don’t yet have photos of what Molly has won, but come back tomorrow and I should. In fact, tomorrow begins day one of officially giving away the latest treats from Jones Natural Chews! Your dog is going to love them. Which means that you’re going to love them too! All natural, mostly single ingredient treats, farmed and produced in the USA – what’s not to love?!

So please – come back tomorrow. You won’t regret it. And you’ll want to start tweeting about the Jones Natural Chews giveaway from day one, bettering your chances at winning our marvelous treats!

Spreading the good chews …


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