Easter Bunny Funnies, FBM 215

Easter Bunny Funnies, FBM 215

Easter Bunny Funnies

Mardi Gras is over (and I didn’t have a piece of King Cake – boo!), and Easter is looming. So today we have, for Funny Bone Monday, Easter Bunny Funnies! Naturally that means funny videos of rabbits and dogs. My own dogs are NOT fans of indoor rabbits, but some dogs get along fine with them.

Easter Bunny funnies - do dogs and rabbits get along?
Patches HATED Humperdinck. Humpy wasn’t an Easter Bunny. The only presents he left were poop pellets.

Patches and Flash were heavily rewarded for playing nice with Humpy. Plenty of Jones Natural Chews for their pains. But let’s take a look at the Easter Bunny in action!

How very sweet is that? That’s a loving pair, Easter Bunny and pup. But this next video? A heartwarming story of Easter Bunny and dog in a family.

I wonder if Kolchak Puggle would take to a bunny brother or sister? I think Jodi needs to find out.

Loving that, in this next video, what looks like an Australian Shepherd is just standing and watching the bunny and dog play.

But oh my gosh – the cutest thing you’ll see all day is this next clip.

How darling is that, an Easter Bunny playing with a lion cub?!? Almost makes me want both. Almost.


Speaking of baby animals, I spent all day yesterday with some baby goats. Our homesteading friends are nursing two kids back to health.

bottle fed baby goat recovering from listeriosis

Because they’ve got some wicked cool dogs, I was also taking photos for tomorrow’s giveaway. So baby goats and gorgeous dogs all on the same day? WIN!

And speaking of giveaways, let’s take a look at today’s winner! Y’all, one of my favorite things to do is to give things away. Imagine how happy it makes me to give away the very best treats a dog will ever gnaw on, and to do that every two weeks, Jones Natural Chews! The current giveaway, which ended last night (the giveaways are always 12 days long) is for the Other Ear, a single ingredient, all natural, US grown and baked treat. It’s actually a pig chin, and it makes dogs very happy. Our winner?

Eileen Bright! This isn’t Eileen’s first win. She knows the secret to winning our giveaways, and that’s tweeting about them daily. Yes, a tweet won this Other Ear! Congratulations, Eileen!

Promise me you’ll come back tomorrow and enter our next dog chew giveaway? Your dog will thank you. In fact, pick up some Jones Natural Chews today and make your dog happy now. 🙂

Spreading the good chews …


4 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Funnies, FBM 215

  1. Awe I hope the baby goats are ok. I have never had rabbits if you can believe that.

  2. i would love to have some goats, they could mow my yard. we had baby rabbits, ducks, dogs, etc when i was young and we lived in the city limits but on an acre of land. the neighbors complained abt the ducks and chickens, so we had to get rid of them.

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