Ducklings at BlogPaws

Ducklings at BlogPaws

I’m home from a wild adventure! I met plenty of new people and dogs, as well as other pets, at BlogPaws in Nashville. And this year the Jones Natural Chews booth made lots of new friends. We had ducklings. Who doesn’t love ducklings?!

Huey, Dewey and Louie, ducklings at BlogPaws in Nashville
Huey, Dewey and Louie, the ducklings of BlogPaws, 2015, were a huge hit.

So yes, there were ducklings at BlogPaws. We got the same question over and over – will these ducklings be turned into treats? The answer is NO. These ducklings came home with me to Tulsa. They traveled well, btw, 12 hours in a Prius.

Ducklings in the backseat of a Prius
Louie, the black and yellow duckling, is an Ancona. The other two are Pekins, like Jimmy, and will look like the AFLAC duck. The Ancona will look like a Dalmatian. Cool, huh?

So check out some of the people who held a duckling!

Crazy duck face, while holding a duckling
Fresh from designing glasses for Pawject Runway, this couple made duck faces while holding a duckling. Pretty sure I handed them dog treats when they were done. Quite often I heard, “I’ve never held a duckling before”, or “This just made my entire year.” Y’all, ducklings are sweet and soft and everything that’s right in the world.
In love with a duckling
Darlene Bryant – Dexter’s mom – comes by the booth every year to see what kind of baby bird I have for her to hold. It’s love at first sight every time.
Holding a duckling at BlogPaws 2015
Mr. and Mrs. Taleteller enjoyed holding a duckling. Kuester and Bunny snagged a bag full of treats to take home. Flattery came by later for treats of her own.
The Shih Tzu and the Duckling
Christine, of Oh My Shih Tzu!, tried her darnedest to talk Riley into kissing the duckling. Riley wasn’t having any of it, poor dear. Scared of a duckling.
Face to face, Shih Tzu and duckling
Riley seriously didn’t like the duckling. I think it’s because it was out of place, in her stroller.
Kona and the Blog Paws duckling
The Jones Natural Chews ducklings said hi to several dogs while at BlogPaws. I think that Miss Kona loved them best. How sweet is this?!

And honest to Pete, the ducklings grew EVERY SINGLE DAY. Where are they now? They’re in my garage, in a Rubbermaid bin with a heat lamp. I’d love to have them on the dining room table, but the Chew Monster and Gadget can get on the table. And would eat them. So I have to settle for checking on them a million times a day and holding them while the dogs are locked in my bedroom. It’s a balancing act.

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