Duck? Dog? You Decide, FBM 207

Duck? Dog? You Decide, FBM 207

Duck? Dog? You Decide

Blue on a duck - yes or no? You decide.

Yesterday Gadget pooped in the house. It’s the duck’s fault. We have an ongoing battle between duck and dog here, and often the duck wins. So you can see why our first Funny Bone Monday video appealed to me. I need one of these for Gadget. First, because he bites when he’s scared or angry, but second, so he can stand up to Jimmy. Will it work? You decide.

I think this is a brilliant concept. But in my world, I really just need my dogs and duck to get along. The following video is a dog and duck playing. This is kinda what it looks like when my own dogs and duck interact. I’ve never construed it as play. In fact, the reason Gadget pooped in the house is because he’s terrified of Jim. He refused to go outside while the duck was loose. So are these two friends or foes? You decide.

Yeah yeah. They’re friends. I know. But look! Here’s another pair!

That is not a wild duck, people. That was someone’s pet. My best guess? The duck came of age and got dumped in a community pond nearby. That duck knew it was meant to belong to a dog, so it found one that needed it. Good duck. I sure wish my own critters would get on board with this.

One last video. And this is the cutest one ever. Get ready to squee. Friends or foes? You decide.

HOW CUTE IS THAT?!? *sigh* Now I want ducklings. And I’ve decided that Bernard, of Dog and His Boy, needs ducklings as well. Yes? Pop over and take a look at his blog, will ya?

Braided Stix Winner

Jones Natural Chews giveaway was the Braided Stix – three bully sticks braided together and baked, for a long-lasting, delicious dog treat. And we have a winner! The winner is …

Julie Dawson! Congratulations, Julie! Your dogs will absolutely LOVE this treat!

Y’all stay tuned tomorrow for another giveaway! It’s sure to be a good one, since every single one of Jones treats are 100% all natural (no artificial ingredients), 100% grown and produced in the USA, and most are single ingredient treats. See? You’ll want to come back tomorrow and enter to win. It’ll make your dog smile. Promise.

Spreading the good chews …


4 thoughts on “Duck? Dog? You Decide, FBM 207

  1. I can’t see a duck working out in our house. We dogs might do alright, but cat bro Bert would take the duck out for sure. He is that kind of a cat. Hope the poop thing gets under control. Madison had a phase last month where she would sneak upstairs and poop. We nipped that in the bud!

  2. I don’t think Layla and a Duck would work although I do love these odd friendships, they are just precious and show that diversity does work. As for Layla pooping in the house, there are days when its storming outside that I wish she would but she does not grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Awe gadget you don’t have to poo in the house but you might as well join the pack at my house, Nellie and glory both pood in the house this weekend.

  4. my older sis had ducks when i was little. we had to get rid of them b/c we lived in the city and they made too much noise. my dogs would chase the ducks, they chase the geese, which make a mess. very cute duck beak on the dog.

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