Rocky juggles treats

Jones Natural Chews donates treats to rescues and events every month. In fact, we love to donate! A dog in need is a dog in need of good treats, amirite? While we donate to specific events when asked, we also have a fixed list of charities which see regular treat and/or cash donations from Jones every month, listed below.

If you’d like to be considered for a donation, either for a specific event for your dog organization, or just for your favorite shelter, please contact Dee at She’ll want your event or organization name, a flier for your event (on paper or virtually), a copy of your 501c3, a physical mailing address, and a link to your website (well, that part is for me, the blogger, so I can talk about you behind your back and make you blush). She might ask for other things, but you’d have to square that up with Dee.

Here’s a list of the great organizations we support monthly! (Clickable links all open in new tabs) You might even decide you want to donate to one!

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