Dogs on Trampolines, FBM 92

Dogs on Trampolines, FBM 92

A friend posted this fantastic Bulldog on a trampoline video over the weekend, inspiring Dogs on Trampolines as today’s Funny Bone Monday. Check it out:

An athletic Bulldog! Who knew? Y’all, stay tuned for the buffalo in this next one. Yes. A buffalo. Pretty sure Jones doesn’t have any buffalo treats. Pretty sure buffalo only eat grass.

We had a trampoline years ago and the dogs loved it. One would be jumping while the other ran around it in circles. They’d take turns keeping each other off of it. I’m often tempted to snag one of the free ones that occasionally comes across Craigslist, just to see what Jimmy and the girls would do with it. I’ve seen chicken homes made from trampolines

Genius trampoline chicken coop
Trampoline chicken coop – this is genius

This next dog on a trampoline video is short, but the trampoline part cracked me up.

OMD – I love the videos of the foxes which discover trampolines.

One last video. Goats on a trampoline.

The first pair were goats in coats! *squeeee*

Happy Monday, all! I hope this fall is good to you. And stay tuned, at the end of the week, when I announce the winner of the Dance Off contest!

Until I write again …


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