Dogs Love Swimming, FBM 235

Dogs Love Swimming, FBM 235

Dogs Love Swimming

Happy last day of July! Summer is fully in swing for most of us, and some of us are looking at going back to school (way too soon!). One of our favorite summer activities is swimming, yes? Be it in a chlorinated pool, the ocean, a local lake, or even a horse trough. And I’m hoping that in the rush and fun of summer, you haven’t forgotten to take your dog swimming. Because it’s a truth that dogs love swimming. Most dogs. Mine sure as heck do.

Flash in the River - dogs love swimming
Dogs love swimming, and my Australian Shepherds have always put this activity at the very top of their list of favorite things to do in summer.

This being Funny Bone Monday, and this being the last day of July, I just thought a tiny reminder to take your dog swimming was in order. Because dogs love swimming so much, consider this a public service announcement. After you’re done laughing at these hilarious dog videos, schedule some time to take your dog to the nearest lake for a game of fetch. I wonder if dogs have to wait half an hour after eating a Jones Natural Chew to go swimming? Probably not.

I think my favorite of those videos was the Dobermans. Too cute. Next, check out Boris’s dedication to both his tennis ball and the pool.

That’s a sure way to wear out an active dog. Boris sleeps great at night, I’ll bet. Last, this sweet little Jack Russell is my new hero-dog.

Plus, his doggy back pack is way cool.


Our DIY: Choose Your Own Treat giveaway has come to an end. Our winner won by following our Twitter account (yay!). Let’s give a big, jealous congratulations to …

Yvette Newman! Yvette gets to choose three Jones Natural Chews treats for her dog!


But wait! That’s not all! Our current giveaway can be found and entered by clicking this sentence. Leave a comment on the post which will open, then follow the instructions in the giveaway box. Easy peasy. Your dog will thank you. And your dog will love the Bully n Beef Wrap. Pinky promise.

Now go give your dog a Jones Natural Chew. Treat your dog to happiness.

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. My dogs love water and swimming, unless your guilty and don’t want to swim to get the duck at a hunt test, gads!

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