Dogs Love Bones, Naturally

Dogs Love Bones, Naturally

Dogs Love Bones

That’s a fact. Dogs love bones. Maybe not all dogs, but most. People don’t typically gnaw on bones the way dogs do, so it might seem a little weird. But it’s just a dog thing. Dogs love bones. And Jones Natural Chews knows what dogs love.

We’re currently featuring, and hosting a giveaway for, Natural Center Bones. They’re a beef center bone which has been baked with meaty bits still clinging to it and marrow intact. If dogs love bones, they’re going to want to marry this bone. Instead of talking all yappy yappy, let’s take a look at some dogs loving this particular bone.

Affenpinscher mutt goes nuts for a center bone from Jones Natural Chews

Chewy goes a little nuts for bones. He loves all of the meaty bits on this center bone, but he also just loves to chew and gnaw.

Katana the rescue dog goes nuts - dogs love bones, and especially Jones Natural Chews center bones

Remember Katana the rescue puppy? She went nuts over the Natural Center Bone. Makes a great teether for large and giant breed dogs. Chewy wasn’t very happy having a puppy in his house, chewing on his bones.

Patches loves the Natural Center Bone from Jones Natural Chews, complete with meaty bits and marrow

Patches, with her almost 15 year old teeth, probably needs to give up bones. She’s failing, having more and more trouble getting up and down. But her love for Jones has never waned, and that includes her love for the meaty center bone. Obviously. She gnawed on this for a good 20 minutes or so. Her brother, the same age, is still an aggressive chewer.

Tiny dog, big bone - he's in love

Even Gadget, with his tiny mouth, stole Katana’s Natural Center Bone and gnawed on it for a bit. I typically don’t give him bones. I love Jones Big Paw Jerky for him because it can be snapped into tiny pieces, just right for tiny dogs. But Gadget does what Gadget wants, and at that moment? He wanted this bone. Dogs love bones.


Your dog loves bones, and it’ll love this particular bone. In fact, size matters. So regardless of the size of your dog, Jones Natural Chews has a Natural Center Bone that will fit your dog. They range from one to seven inches in length, and they’re all filled with marrow and covered in beef. No preservatives, no other ingredients. Just beef. If you want a chance to win this for your dog, and you know you do, click this sentence to get to the giveaway post, where you’ll scroll down the page to find a box with instructions to enter. Do it now. Make your dog smile. Naturally. And tweeting daily about the giveaway only increases your chances of winning!

Spreading the good chews …


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  1. i dont feed my girls bones per the dental vet. my girls have cracked their teeth on bones, they are no longer permitted to have any hard chews not even bully sticks per the dental vet. too expensive to have root canals and crowns put on their teeth. they have little teeth.

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