Dogs Know the Difference

Dogs Know the Difference

Dogs Know the Difference

I’m currently in the middle of a personal road trip – a girl’s weekend to catch up with college friends – and took the opportunity to stop in and visit some dog bloggers. Never, ever take a road trip without planning stops to see dogs, right? And because I’m always on a quest to prove that dogs know the difference between Jones Natural Chews and other treats, I always have Jones treats with me when I travel. Naturally. This trip I had a few Bully n Beef Wraps (which we’re giving away, so stay tuned at the bottom for that link). So I’ll let you tell me if dogs know the difference or not. Say hello to a beautiful Beagle who has been in the blogosphere for awhile – Lady Shasta, one of the Beagle Bratz.

Lady Shasta inspects her Bully n Beef Wrap before taking it - dogs know the difference
Lady Shasta had to sniff the Bully n Beef Wrap before taking it. Then she took it behind the couch and far away from her little sister.

Lady Shasta is a gentle soul. She recently got a new sister, a young Beagle who needed to be taught some manners (all young pups need to be taught manners). Lady Shasta is so patient, and I thought, “Maybe she won’t mind if I give her little sister the treats first?” I was so wrong. When it comes to Jones Natural Chews, there is no age or patience or anything else. Dogs know the difference, and they’ll do what they have to to get their paws on the very best all natural, all US grown and made dog treats. Including beg shamelessly.

Lady Shasta begs for a Jones Natural Chew - dogs know the difference
Lady Shasta has perfected the art of begging. I suspect she gets what she wants when she wants it. And she should. She’s a Beagle, after all.

Is the Bully n Beef Wrap Appropriate for Young Dogs?

As lovely as Jones Beef n Bully Wrap is for senior dogs (high in glucosamine and chondroitin), I asked myself if it would appeal to young Miss Maizie. I mean sure, it’s an all beef treat. There’s a Bully Stick involved. What’s not to love? But would Miss Maizie really like it? You tell me.

Bully n Beef Wrap from Jones Natural Chews - perfect for dogs of all ages
Those eyes say everything we need to know – the Bully n Beef Wrap is perfect for dogs of all ages

Yes, the Bully n Beef Wrap IS appropriate for young dogs! Miss Maizie carried it all over the house. At some point she set it down to scratch her ear and Lady Shasta stole it. A chase ensued. Another treat was given. What a mess.

Suffice it to say, young dogs love and want Bully n Beef Wraps. Dogs know the difference.


The good news for you is that Jones is giving away the Bully n Beef Wrap! Some lucky dog will get their own. Could it be you? Maybe. To enter to win, simply click this sentence, leave a comment on the new post which will open, then click the giveaway box and click I Commented. That’s it. Wait wait wait – that’s not it. You have to tweet! Well, you don’t have to. But it’ll help! It’ll increase your chances of winning. Pinky promise.

Treat your dog to happiness. Give it a Jones Natural Chew.

Spreading the good chews …


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